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Sweeet info. Thanks, zeroibis. Kinda pricey for now but something for the future I guess. I hope things will work out for my 4G.
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Yea, I hope that by next year or the year after there should be 256GB 1.8" ZIF out I do know that there already are 256GB 1.8" drives but they are only SATA and I do not think there is space to convert that to IDE and then to ZIF/PIN. (also power requirement may be incomparable)

Also as stated previously the ability to charge and play at the same time makes the 4g the all time winner in my book.
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Originally Posted by zeroibis View Post
Actually you can adapt pin to ZIF so newer ZIF drives will work in the 4G.

I got a 4g myself and love it!

Here is the info and parts:
Using a ZIF drive in a PIN based player: H3120: MK1214GAH 130GB success in H340 - MisticRiver :: For iriver Enthusiasts

The part: DealExtreme: $4.27 ZIF to 1.8-inch Bilateral IDE Hard Drive Converter

Also here is a 128GB 1.8" ZIF SSD: RunCore 128GB 1.8" 8mm ZIF SSD (best value) [ RCP-I-Z1828C ] - -=- Conics.Net
Very good info. Thank you for sharing.
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i don't really know anyone who is using it
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