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D-Jays or Shure SE102

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The ones I can get here in germany for arround 75€

Which one would you recommend me ? (Prefably the more durable one, I don´t want to spend my money and see the earphones broken after 1/2 months)
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Noone ?
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Give a bit more info before asking which one to choose.
Like, what music do you listen most, what is your source.. That kind of info Based on that, we (Head-fi'ers) can recommend you which one to choose.
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Well hi Bonthouse,
I mostly listen to Rock, Alternativ and a little bit arround the classical corner, but somehow I don´t like much bass (got headaches from basswhores)

The output source is going to be an iPod Touch 2G
I also put the new Apple phones on my list IF they are going to be good... (well i doubt that)

I am also a little bit confused the store has the SE102 and SE110 and there is just like 1€ difference between both... I guess it´s the same model , am I wrong ?
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There is no such thing as an SE102. There is an SE110 and an SE210. The 210's are the next step up the ladder from the 110's.
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I'd get the SE210s instead of either the SE110s (i suppose you meant those) or the d-Jays.
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Actually there is a Shure SE102 though apparently its a rebranded shure SCL2/E2c model.
It shows right here on the site SE102 Sound Isolatingâ„¢ Earphones
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I wonder if those are Hong Kong's version of the original e2's
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That to me looks like an E2G. Who knows, maybe a different name for a different country or something?
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Why not get them both? Try them out, and if you don't like the d-jays, you can always sell them to this guy.
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