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Cheaper replacement for RE2s?

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Although barely three months old, my RE2s recently broke on me, with the right channel failing. This was a major disappointment, as the sound on the RE2s was simply phenomenal... but apparently my use of them -- for running and biking, mainly -- was too much for them to take. I was using them quite a lot, several hours a day, but having them break after not even 100 days doesn't inspire confidence in the build quality.

So I'm currently without music for my daily travels, a great source of sadness. I'm also now in the market for a replacement earphone, or a decent on-air pair of cans, but won't be getting another pair of RE2s. And I currently can't justify spending $80 on a pair of headphones just for running/commuting anyways.

My budget, then, is around $50, preferably in the $30-$40 range, though I know this narrows my options quite a bit. Doing some general reading here, it seems that the Denon C551s are my best bet, but unfortunately finding them for $50, shipped, to Canada is impossible -- as is finding a price comparable to the USD list price amazon.com for any seller of headphones in Canada, it seems. The few Denons 551s listed on ebay are also listed for 40%-50% more than the Amazon price, too.

So, while I hold out hope for finding an affordable pair of Denons, I'm now looking at other options. Chief among these seem to be the Sennheiser CX300s, and, though I would prefer an IEM, the Koss KSC35. I initially abandoned my PortaPros for the RE2s after the former broke for the 5th time, although the Koss warranty does make the KSC35s tempting, along with their price; but I also now realize how much comfier IEMs are for exercising than my old PortaPros (although the KSC35s would be comfier than those, I imagine). I also have a nice collection of ear tips from my broken RE2s that I'd like to use again, but am wary of the sound quality of the CX300s.

So my questions are: is there a decent retailer of Denon headphones in Canada, or an American vendor who ships to Canada without charging an usurious shipping fee? And, context now provided, can someone make any appropriate recommendations for earphones/IEMs/cans that would suite my needs, and my price range? Any thoughts on the sound quality of the KSC35s, and whether they are as comfy for sporting activities (running especially) as Koss makes them out to be, would also be appreciated.
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What about Denon 351s? $32 on Amazon.com.
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May be it is related to how you use the IEM, but you should contact Head-direct and ask for warranty claim. I have RE2 for quite long now and mine seem to be just fine. You should definite look for something cheap and available locally just so you get covered, considering how you use your IEM for.
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