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IEMs for ipod 6g

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Hi, I am looking to purchase some IEMs for my Ipod classic 80gb. I have a lot of Apple Lossless but also many 128kbps aac from the itunes music store. If I bought UE 5 or 5 pros would the 128kbps sound terrible? Also, would I need an amp?

Thank you.
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Amp, no.
128kbps files, probably no problem.
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Amp, no.
128 kbps files, they'll sound like dog doo being dropped from two stories up.
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Those Apple AAC 128 files sound OK, I think. Adequate for most purposes. The DRM sucks, though, so I'm done buying music from the iTunes music store.
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128kbps would sound terrible
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You won't see much support for 128kbps files on an audiophile site, which is understandable. I'm just trying not to be an audio snob.
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