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Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra satellites

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Not really a headphone question but it's a Klipsch forum, I apologize in advance if this topic is not appropriate...

I looked on the Klipsch online store for Promedia 5.1 Ultra satellites and while they are listed on the site, they are not listed as being available. The klipsch Canada store, however, still allows you to add the satellites to a shopping cart with no obvious indicatino that they are unavailable there.

Is it possible to buy these satellites from the Klipsch USA online store, or are they out of stock and discontinued? Are they still available from Klipsch Canada? Are the two entities separate and do not draw from the same stock of parts?


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If I understand it correctly, they stopped making these a long time ago. These days you can only get the Promedia 2.1s new Ithink. I think you have to buy the 5.1 used if you want it. I can tell you it isn't on the US site when I look and I didn't see it new anywhere else either. It's officially listed as discontinued everywhere that carries new items that I could see (and chances are anywhere else wouldn't be officially "certified" by Klipsch, so you wouldn't really get the support you should be getting with a new system anyway.)

I'll say one thing though. IMO the 2.1s are so good you probably won't need surround sound to hear your movies every bit as clearly. Well, I think the bass is a bit thumpy (and I think the 5.1 would be even more so since it had a more powerful subwoofer with two drivers) but otherwise it's a wonderful system (especially after I turned the bass well below their recommendation mark, lol.) I looked into getting new speakers a bit ago and ultimately decided on the Promedia 2.1. I don't really regret that decision as they are really nice speakers IMO.

EDIT: I've just read that apparently the Promedia 5.1s had some issues due to their far more complex amp setup. If you're looking for music, there may be a reason the 2.1s seem to have taken over the 5.1's place. It sounds as if the problem is more qualitative than anything else, so it still isn't going to just tear up or something from what I understand.
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Avoid Klipsch computer speakers! I am on my second pair of ProMedia Ultra 2.0 speakers and I am having the same problem as with the first; scratchy volume knob and loss of the right channel. Although Klipsch finally replaced my first pair, I find it very annoying that the replacement set is having problems in less than 6 months. Regardless of their warranty response, two pairs of speakers with the same problem is a serious problem.
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Promedia 2.0 < 2.1/5.1 (And not because of the lack of subwoofer.) Most people get years out of the 2.1s and 5.1s. So far I'm about up to six months myself without even a hint of problems (and I assure you, it's not from lack of using them enough, lol.)
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Yeah I already own a set of 5.1 THXs, I have had them for about 6 years and no problems. I think so long as you don't listen to them extensively at high volumes you won't have problems as the amp troubles always arose from overheating components in the sub. The 5.1 systems don't have potentiometer-based volume control either so it will never get scratchy.

Anyways I loaned my speakers to my cousin when I moved away because I did not have room to take them with me. I recently found a used set on ebay which I purchased because the seller was within driving distance (which cut away a lot of shipping costs) and while he owned a 5.1 Ultra sub, it was a warranty replacement given to him by Klipsch when his THX 5.1 sub went out. Thus the set I bought had 5.1 Ultra sub + control box and THX satellites. Was happy with this deal though as the 5.1 ultra sub and satellites were in perfect condition.

I called Klipsch and they told me that indeed the satellites are no longer available. The center channel is but not the satellites. No word on when or if they would ever get more. The stupid thing is that Klipsch's Canadian distributor still has replacement satellites but can't sell them to me because I'm in the US. But the US people don't have any and can't get them from the Canadian distributor? Really dumb-IMO. If the US distributor is not able to sell me the item because they don't have any, why can't the Canadian dealer break the policy and sell to me due to special circumstances? Guess they don't want my business???

I found someone selling a set of 5.1 ultra satellites on ebay recently too though so I have a complete set of 5.1 Ultras, and a spare set of 5.1 THX satellites

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I've heard about how there might be some services that you can use where you order something from another country and it is delivered to that service's facilities and then they send it to you. I can't say for sure how well this works and how to find these services, but, it might be something worth looking into considering.

BTW, I've heard of the possibility that the 2.1s can have a bit of trouble with heat as well. Has anyone ever come up with any sort of "cooling mod" so to speak for these sets? I really like these speakers and want them to last a good long while if at all possible. Mind you, I usually use no more than about 1/3 volume and the subwoofer is set below Klipsch's mark at about 1/3 (I guess I have it on maybe 1/5 or so) so it may not be taking as much punishment as usual, but I like the idea of it lasting as long as possible and it does feel rather warm to the touch if I leave them turned on for a while even idling (though I've now wired up something where I have a switch up high for turning them on and off more easily, I still don't always remember to turn them off.) I don't really see myself changing PC speakers for a long time right now as these suit my needs perfectly when on the right settings. Obviously I won't be modding my speakers until the waranty expires, but it would be nice to ensure that they continue to last a long time yet.
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I think that so long as you are not running them loud for long periods of time you should be fine. My original set of 5.1s are like this and still are going fine after 6 years now although with only occasional use.

I have read about on the internets that some people have modded their 5.1 setups to include things like cooling fans to help dissapate the heat produced by the amps, and that they claim this will improve the longevity of the sub. I don't know if they work or how badly they mess up the sound as a result of putting fans, etc in the sub. However on my 5.1 sub the metal backplate I am guessing is doing a lot of the dissipation- could one not simply bolt a large heatsink to that metal plate to improve the heat dissipation of the unit? This would help at least some with heat, and not be too intrusive of the sub in the process.

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I was thinking simpler. I was thinking perhaps in terms of doing something more like sticking another heatsink on top of whatever is in there (I haven't even opened mine up yet, lol. It stays in pristine shape until that waranty period is over because I like these speakers and want nothing to invalidade that guarantee, lol.) However, I like that idea. A heatsink on the outside might just help. You say the backplate is actually part of the heat dissipation. Is it directly connected to the heatsink or is it just picking up heat? I assumed it was simply picking up some of the heat given off by the heatsink more indirectly. I deal a lot with computers and don't like to throw things away, so over the years I've made quite a collection of heatsinks and can probably do somewhat either way (or even both.)

PS. Sorry for kind of hijacking your thread. d-:
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I'm not exactly sure what the inside of a 2.1 system looks like and have only seen a few pics of the inside of the 5.1 but I don't recall seeing any big heatsinks inside... which is why I think that the metal plate is a big part of the heat dissipation. But I could be wrong.
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Ok. Thanks for your input and again sorry for sort of hijacking your thread there. I'll give it a shot later on when that waranty expires. I'm pretty good at improvising things since I don't usually care about how ugly an improvised solution may look, but for this it might actually affect the sound even in some small way, so I don't want to mess it up too much. It probably will be simplicity itself though once I've opened it up and looked at it. Guess I won't know for quite a while though, lol.
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yeah if you search google images for pics you may able to see what I'm talking about. Don't worry about threadjacking though I had already solved my speaker problem
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Im getting ready to purchase the 5.1 from someone on craiglist who already did the cooling upgrade among other amp upgrades and has had all speakers replace via warranty. Im very excited. I know this thread is old. But its funny because both the logitech z-5500 and the klipsch promedia had the same issues as if the amps were designed and built by the same manufacture in china, which im sure isnt the case. But none the less these are known for their phenomenal sound these systems produce. 

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