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ue-11 artwork

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this is what I plan on using right now with my initials and a jewish star around it but I need some opinions on how it looks before I commit to it any feedback would be great! :
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here is the updated version with the thinner star
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lol sorry but wow I would kick myself in the balls if I somehow made the mistake of choosing a design like that. it's hideous!
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TPC nice avatar! good for UE11 also.

Hockey much better the initial on your avatar.
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i have been working with brad for the last few days helping him come up with some artwork for his UE11s, here are some of the designs i did for him.

i would love to hear what people have to say. I'm not too crazy about any of the designs and i would be open to suggestions so i can help Brad out.
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Originally Posted by basman View Post
TPC nice avatar! good for UE11 also.
haha thanks, i spent a lot of time perfecting that. Too bad i don't have $1200 to spend on some UE11s
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