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Tube Headphone amp Projects

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Ok, heres the deal... I'm looking for some tube projects. The main problem is, I'm poor, so I'm trying to find something that uses, or can use some of the tubes I already have at hand. I'm looking to build something that has enough gain to drive my K401s(120ohms, 98db 1mw/1m (i think)).

Heres what I have on hand:

Two 6L6GC's
Two 5Y3GT's
More 12AX7A's then i feel like counting.
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This is just a dumb thought, but you have been over at headwize to check out the projects library haven't you?? Maybe that will give something to start from. I know that Chu's Morgan Jones Amp looks nice and simple. You might be able to adapt it to use the tubes you already have.

Good luck!
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Yeah.. I checked some of those tube projects out, but most of them used tubes radically different then the ones I have. I still have a nil understanding of tube electronics, so I'm not nearly smart enough to adapt them to those projects.
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I recommend that you consider not limiting yourself to the tubes you have on hand. In my experience with tube projects, the transformers end up as the biggest expense anyway. I don't think the 12AX7's or 6L6's would be very useful for a headphone amp.

But the tube rectifiers would make a big improvement over silicon diodes in any of the projects. The only adjustments to the circuits would involve matching the power transformer's secondary voltage to the modified configuration of the power supply, and of course providing the filament supply for the rectifier tube(s). If you need help with this part, just ask.

Try http://www.triodeelectronics.com for a good selection of reasonably priced tubes.

Tube projects are really lots of fun to work with. One thing I appreciate about those glass bottles is that they don't die instantly and invisibly like 3-legged fuses do. And you can see them work!

Best regards,
Gary Dahl
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