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Best IEM for Grado lovers?

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I know, this topic has been done to DEATH, but in a search for Grado in this subforum there was nothing referring to Grado in the title and with all the newer IEMs having come out since a lot of those threads were made it would be nice to have newer, more up-to-date info, especially with the Livewires being as cheap and Grado-like as people claim they are.

So basically, for those who love Grados and rock/metal, what is the best custom/universal IEM?

Also, for a frame of reference, include which Grado they sound most similar to if possible as well as a price point.
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I'm definitely wanting to know. So far, the only IEM that's worked to fitting in my ear has been UM1/2. Ety's don't work, neither do any of the UE as I can't get a seal. I've heard from those that can get a fit the Triple Fi's are magical....I wish I could find out

But yeah...grado IEMs....I want some. Hell, I'de settle for some Grado buds, lol. Looks like the iGrado is my only option
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really? nobody?
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I just bought this: - Stax SR-001 MKII System - SR-001 -

That sounds more like Grado's than any IEM I've heard.
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The stax has its own amp, though. If anything, you could probably get close with any balanced IEM (maybe even the affordable 3) and couple it with an amp that will raise the midrange (grado's strong point) a little. For sure, you will not want a bass-heavy or super-punchy phone since it might make the experience quite fatiguing.

Again, I'll always love my E4Cs since the midrange is comparable to my MS-1s, but while I definitely love them for punk-rock (as they're EQ flexible as hell), I don't think that they'd have enough mid-bass for metal. Note that the Grados sound the way they do because they are open.

In any case, the majority of votes go to the Etymotic ER6i with shure black foamies. Strangely, the E4Cs I own have more bass than them, and even they aren't warm enough to match my MS-1s (which are slightly laid back SR-80s by reviews).

If I were in your shoes, I'd go for any slightly neutral IEM that can use Shure black foamies to even the sound out a little. Grados are bright, but not Ety bright.
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If you're not a cheapskate, then definitely get the UE TF10's, or the Sleek Audio SA6's, the latter of which allow you to alter your sound signature with several included bass and treble ports. I chose the SA6's, and it's incredible how much you can customize your sound preference.
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