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Sennheiser 600 question

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Hello, just got a question concerning on how the jacks/cables are attached to the Headphones? My problem is, that i have been using the 580´s for some years now and had real problems with the jacks. They got very "lose" after a time and I had "contact issues". Just wanted to ask, if the cables of the HD 600 are attched in the same way (It looks very much the same oh the pics I saw on the net). Because if they are the same, I dont think i want to buy the 600´s...
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Sennheiser seems to have fixed the dreaded crappy "intermittent contact" problem last year on newer batches of the 580 and the 600. If you replaced the cable and the contacts still act like crap, I'd recommend a new 580 first before the 600.
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ok, thanks for the quick answer.
I had my 580´s sent to sennheiser twice because of this intermittend issue, once they put in a new cable but it did´nt help. So I just repaired it myself fixing it with glue (still hurts to see it, but no more intermittend problems )
As for the 600´s:
Do you just thing that the 580´s sound better or do you think that the 600´s aren´t worth the extra money compared to the 580´s .

btw: does anybody know where to get replacement "oval velour things" (don´t know how this is calles in english (to be honest: don´t even know how to call it in german))
and how expensive they are?
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They're called "ear pads" or "pads".

"Oval velour things" works too.
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dicktherick: You might call them ear pads - oder Ohrpolster - and any official Sennheiser dealer should be able to sell you replacement ones.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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You can get replacement from any Sennheiser dealers, but they are quite expensive, £30 for the 580/600 ones. I might as well get a new pair for £55 from Richer Sounds!
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hey, greetings TO Munich - really miss this city (went to the TUM for 2 years )
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unfortunately i'm going to have to be negative about the sennheiser HD600s and their "fixed" connection issues.

I ordered a pair of said headphones from Jan Meier and about two weeks later, started experiencing intermittent cable connection problems. It soon died completely, and from the outside of the driver, one could see a sprung wire or two where there definately shouldn't be one. I did get the thing fixed ( a new "element" aparantly) under warranty, and it hasn't broken yet (knock on wood <knock>) but i can tell you that i doubt i will buy another product from sennheiser because it's just too much hassle to deal with. and i hate not having headphones to listen to stuff on. anyways, they sound great and i love them, i just don't trust them (reminds me of some girlfreinds i've had).
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Connection Problems... How to tell if you are affected...

I'll use my HD580s that i bought yesterday to explain this...

If you take the backs off of the housings, so you can see the drive unit... If there are two brass "circles" (bases of screws) visible at the bottom of the driver (where the cable plugs in) then you have a "fixed" version... the fine wire from the drive unit is attached to this, directly to the spring connections...

Whereas (enter HD565s) the original version does not have those screws, the fine wires are just soldered to the little prongs that attach to the springs... hence, when the springs start to die, so does the connection

Also... if you have the "newer" design... the cable will only plug in one way round, whereas on the older design, you could reverse the cable / polarity

Probably doesn't help... but, its a quick guide to if you will suffer with cable problems or not

Also... Earpads... from Sennheiser direct... these come to £26.44... they fit ALL of the old 5xx series (from the HD535 through to the HD600)... that works out in German as... around about 82DEM
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The elements in my Sennheiser 580, bought in 1994, have exactly the construction you describe, so I think there's got to be another way to differentiate the new ones from the old ones.

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Oops... ok... I'll have a close study, and get back to you


I'm puzzled to the max now then...

Has your pair of 1994 580s ever suffered from cable intermittences? because i have both of the drivers (one from 580, and one from 565) in front of me, and that is the ONLY visible difference (LITERALLY... the drivers look IDENTICAL) in the fact that when you put the cable into the 580 driver the springs compress against the brass screw, making the connection... maybe in that case it is something amazingly trivial, like Senn have put some kind of "anti oxidization" material on these connectors... If not, I am now at a loss
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