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Originally Posted by Wisor View Post



Recently I upgraded my setup with Objective2 amplifier :P


Since I am a new "audio enthusiast" I want to build Starvig Student as well.


As far as I looked on the net, I saw only great reviews about this amp.



My question now is:


Is it possible to get a PCB somewhere ?


I texted user Fred_fred2004 about buying few PCBs, but he didn't replay.





Winsor, did you magage to build it? How does the Starving student compare to the O2 amp? I was wandering, because I'm also interested in the O2. And I love the ssh, but it's not very sturdy. And would like a seperate AMP

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Hey Kaaf,


My starving student project is on hold at the moment. I am still seeking for tube sockets and tubes. 


To be honest I am building few CmoyBBs, so I really don't have any time for SS.


I would recommend that you buy O2.


Starving student is cheaper than O2 (but not a lot), but to let you know a good tube costs around 15€ + socket is 3€ and you need to multiply that by 2 (you need two tubes) and you also need a 48V power supply which is around 10€ on ebay.


Other material is very cheap. I payed around 5€ in local store for elements. I would say SS costs around 50€ to build.



O2 DIY Kit from Switzerland (http://www.headnhifi.com/diy-kits/o2-kit-full) costs 64€ + shipment. If you live in europe, they can send you a package from Germany, so you don't need to pay for customs and other import fees (of corse you need to wait a bit longer).


You get everything you need (closering box is included, knobs.....)


If you are familiar with soldering I would strongly recommend you to start with O2, because you won't have any logistical problems with material and you get everything you need to build it.


Meanwhile you can still buy a PCB from DAVE for 4€, search for material and build it.


Specifications of O2 are stunning, and for the price it goes at headnhifi just get one already :)


On the other side SS is a tube amp, but it has mosfets so it's not a "true tube amp" :)



Specifications of SS are not nearly as good as O2s, but some people prefer tubes over solid state amps, the choise is yours.

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