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Aiwa HP-V9 earbuds

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Can anybody tell me about the Aiwa HP-V9 earbuds? Does anybody own them, and how great do they sound? Supposedly the Frequency Response is 15-40,00 Hz.

You can see them at...

(NO I am not auction these off myself, and I am not advertising for somebody else.)

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Heh, it seems that you are the first and only bidder for these earphones...unfortunately this question is gonna cost ya if you really wanted these.

I don't really care to bid on them, but I'm sure others here will, being earbud afficionados.

The frequency response doesn't mean much...in fact earbud frequency responses are almost always ridiculously hyped.

Rare + mint + japanese earbuds that are supposedly "hi-end", I think it would have been better to find out how they sound yourself for much cheaper than they'll be sold at now.

No comment about the sound...but come on...why ask about how something supposedly rare sounds...you'll just get more people curious about how they sound than people who actually know how they sound.
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These are just 36 bucks at partsolver.com

Personally I doubt a 5200yen earphone can do 40,000Hz... These are no Stax! The Sony MDR-282 which came out around the same time (1985) was priced at 7000yen, and already comes with a gold plated plug instead of the cheaper nickel plated one shown with the HP-V9... Too bad I don't have the specs for the 282...

Remember all the best stuff came out during the late 80s and early 90s for both Sony and Aiwa...
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thanks for your response, you were the only one with something intelligent to say about the HP-V9's as I had originally asked for.

The link you posted to partsolver.com is not working for me (I keep getting the "The page cannot be displayed" message.") I will try it again tomorrow.
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Humm... just by clicking on the link works for me...
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are the aiwas better than 888s? and are they worth $36? hmmm.


ps: dont worry, i wont bid rblanco10
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I have feeling that the sound control on that earbud will deteritate quickly. Why do i say that? Because i happen to have bought a pair of earbuds very long ago...that happens to have the same exact volume control. but in different color plastic, mine is blue. The volume control sure are the same, but im not so sure about the earbuds that conects to the control.

I bought it in chinatown, in one of those giftshop stores that have almost everything thats made in china. toys, dishes, kites, boomboxes, walkman speakers.....etc.

The pair i own also came with that 1/8" plug. so i have a feeling that this indeed is the same pair i have just with the aiwa name on it ...and a different plastic casing for the earbud drivers.

i cant strongly comment on the sound quality. But the earbuds sure sounded like something coming from '80s technology...hehehhe, they sounded thin, not much bass.

I did like the mono to stereo switch, but it gone bad after awhile and stopped working.

For the sound quality i think this will only worth 5-6$.

the piece i have now, its all tangled up, and the wires almost disconnected.
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personally I would suggest 888 or MX500 or even KSC35. It depends on your taste, 888 is good for classicals and KSC35 is good for rock and hip-hops...
I happen to have both of them and I like 888 much more.
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Aiwa Specificatios are:


Open air type dynamic stereo headphone

Drive unit: 15 mm diphragm

Impedance: 16 ohms

frequence response: 15-40.000 Hz

Sensitivy: 105 dB/mW

Rated input: 10 mW

Maximum input level: 40 mW


I hoppe this have answered your question.


Trully yours,


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