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IEM (SE530) + amps?

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This thread might belong in the amp section, buts its more a question about IEMS. Im thinking about getting a pair of SE530s, but i dont have a portable amp. I would think that a mass market brand like shure headphones would not 'need' an amp the same way my HD650s do, but i was told my SR225s didnt need an amp, and now i cant listen to them without my darkvoice. Do i need an amp to listen to high end IEMs? Do i need to buy a hornet if i get one?
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I've used the SE530s directly from the headphone jack on my iPod and to my ears they sound superb, maybe even slightly better than my ER-4P through a Minibox-E+ which also sounds very good.

IMHO, I found that running the Shures through the Minibox didn't improve the sound quality at all.
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IMO, with a good amp, E500/530s do sound much better. You might wanna try Tomahawk/Hornet which make(s) them sound "like" full size cans. Also, It is amazingly open and no noise or hiss at all...
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Just get a RS Predator and you'll be in heaven with your IEM!

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IMO, the 530's don't improve with an amp, the only reason to amp them is to kill the hiss with some players like the iPod.
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has anybody used a cheap amp with the SE530s (like an airhead) and heard an improvement?
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I've found for portable use, SE530's improve slightly with an amp. It definitly removes the hiss from ipods and the bass gets cleaned up a bit. Haven't used it with an airhead, but an old Porta Corda mkii and a newer C&C XO both work well.

On the other hand, I'm usually lazy about bringing an amp along for shorthaul flights and 1-2 day trips. SE530 straight out of an ipod sounds just fine for casual listening. You don't 'need' an amp for the SE530 and really aren't going to notice it unless you're listening critically.
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Originally Posted by apnk View Post
IMO, the 530's don't improve with an amp, the only reason to amp them is to kill the hiss with some players like the iPod.
i almost completely agree. there isn't a great difference with the 530s and an amp. they can just go to higher volumes but i don't think thats a good idea lol. its good for clearing up little details like hiss and what not but u'll be just fine without the amp. personally i refuse to listen to music without an amp anymore so my headsix just tags along anywayz. but with the 530s no there isn't a big difference between amped and unamped.
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