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ksc75 too bright

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i just got my ksc75, and right when i listened to them, i was impressed! im listening to them right now as well... but i noticed they are a little bright.. too bright..... would anyone else agree?

burn in?
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they don't change much imho. Just EQ it a little darker.
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I got a pair for Xmas and I found them to be very bright with some annoying sibilance to boot on some songs. Other then that I love them. Sound good, very comfy, easy to carry and put on - definitely my headphones for portable use.
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It tames a little bit, but they stay quite bright headphone. Perhaps Sennheiser PX100 would be more your thing if you like warmer presentation.
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They are a bit brighter than my KSC35 and my PortaPro. But then, that's why I use the PortaPro more.
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Yeah there pretty darn bright.But with just a minimal amount of burn in time they get a ton better.Not to mention just listening to them alot and getting used to the sound will help.
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I'm having the same exact feeling. I love these headphone, but it's just too bright so it's tiresome to listen to for long.

Now burning it in to see if it helps.

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Yes i agree with you i used them they are really pretty and congrats.

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I didn't find much bright, maybe they are fatiguing while listening to some power noise music, otherwise I find them fine.

I  just use them for jogging (one half hour, and then I  forget them).

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