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I guess the thread was too old to revive? Oh, well.

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That looks like a proprietary diffuse-field equalization curve. I wonder how close the actual output is to that.

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Hello guys, I'm here cause I just found a pair of Technics EAH-510 on my attic, they were my dad's. Drivers have "EAS-5p07a 125 ohm Japan" printed on them.

They are Ok besides the fact that the foams are missing. Do you know where can I find replacements ? 

I don't own any headphone, just earphones and 1 IEM... I'd love to keep these to use with the PC.

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I picked up a pair of the EAH-500's for $30 today. They look unused, pads in brand new condition, shiny metal, not a mark on them. Even the plug is shiny new. And the sound....WOW!

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Hi; i received these headphones as a much requested and prayed for christmas present in 1979 as a 13 yr old music fan,I still use and listen with them on a regular basis.I researched and compared them to the panasonic eah 600....well out of my families modest price range,Dark side of The Moon,Trooper albums,Zon,streetheart,David bowie,Harry Chapin,Marianne Faithfull,mike Olfield came to life with impact and have left a lifelong impression.Over the years casual listening by friends have always astounded.these headphone are not by any stretch of the imagination technically correct ,however they are unasuming and incredibly satisfying and enjoyable .


i still have the original boxing and lituriture if you ar interested





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