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audiologist - Ear impression in Sweden

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Hi, i'm planning to order a pair of UE 11 Pro.
However UE does not have any recommendation for audiologist in Sweden.
I know there must be someone here from Sweden that has done ear impressions so i'm wondering if there are any recommendations for an audiologist preferably near Stockholm.

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Isn't making ear impressions one of an Audiologist basic skill? Any ear doctor can probably make a mold as good as any doctor can. I would just call all local audiologist and go for the affordable one.
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Staffanstorps Hörselteknik should be able to do the trick. But it depends on where you live I guess...
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Any audiologist should be able to do this for you - it's a 10 minute process they do when someone needs a hearing aid.
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I live in Stockholm and I'm also dying for a pair of UE11's.

I've been in contact with Hörhjälpen: http://www.h-hjalpen.com/

They say that they've made impressions for "the same order as yours" when I told them about UE customs. The do it for 400 SEK, about 60 bucks.

Crappy translation from swedish in my e-mail responce:
"The impressions follow the international impression policy. They are made from a silicon-based material called Otoform. A perfect impression shows the whole ear canal, and the ear is filled all the way up to the helix wing".

Can anyone tell me if this sounds ok? When living in another country, it's extremely important that the impressions are well-made, cause sending them back and forth from Europe to the states to get will be a pain.
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How did it go?

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I applied for the audiologist program here in Sweden. So just have patience and I will help you :) old thread :p

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