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DustyChalk, I really must thank you for mentioning Hooverphonic and Tricky, good stuff! Where can I find some samples of Neverwood? Didn't have any luck on Morpheus...
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Where can I find some samples of Neverwood? Didn't have any luck on Morpheus...
I got it from these people, but not sure if they have any sound samples...sorry, not set up to do it myself...DA seems to be getting a lot of them from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk, etc., you may want to try there.
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Oops, I take that back...

Originally posted by Nugen
Would you know of any bands similar to ben folds five/coldplay/travis-like bands.
Actually, you might want to check out the Elbow album, Asleep in the Back.
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All great bands mentioned in this thread. I'd like to mention Mazzy Star. Definitely a guitar driven band compared to Massive Attack, Portishead, Mono. Great headphone music.

Hope Sandoval has a smooth, airy, haunting voice and she writes great lyrics.

Regards - reynman
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My used Garbage 2 came in and after several listens another winner, solid CD with mostly strong tracks throughout. Usually
the CDs I buy from half.com are in very good condition or like new
condition......but every once in a while some jerk tries to sell a below average condition CD and lists it as like new/very good,
still plays with no sKipping but I will start a new thread about
what CD scratch repair kits people are using.
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I just heard a new track from Garbage: Shut Your Mouth(?) I enjoyed it better than Androgyny. This latest track reminded me why I'm in love with Shirley. The vocals resembled those of the first album for some reason - her voice sounds high again - thats good. Anyway, I just had to say that. Shirley's my queen. She can convey a lot of emotion in her singing without being over the top ( eg. Linkin Park <- over the top ).
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Exactly, when she sings the emotion sounds, well, real and heart-felt. Shut Your Mouth was pretty good, though I don't really care for the chorus.
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Judging by the 2 tracks that I HAVE heard from this new album, it sounds like Garbage has still got attitude, and that they're still not your typical pop band, so its encouraging me to <gulp> buy this cd. Yes, the chorus to Shut Your Mouth ain't amazing, but I've gotten used to that. These guys have a knack for almost making a perfect song, and then sprinkling some cheese in the mix... er imho.
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