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The "how to spot a fake" thread

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With all the fakes appearing on Ebay these days I thought it might be an idea to compile a lost of headphones which have confirmed fakes on the market. Also, a small description which outlines what little features you should look out for that may be an indication that is is actually a fake. I'm not very experienced in this area so any input would be appreciated. If this thread catches interest the first post will be updated accordingly.
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Shure e4c
Shure e2c
Headphonia amp/DAC, more a clone than a fake
Sennheiser IEM (I forget the model number)

Theres a fake portapro from a german manufacturer who's name I can't reveal (without getting my post deleted). The owner of that company OPENLY admits to cloning and copying Koss designs, and basically told forum moderators to "take a hike" when approached on the subject. IIRC that company owner might be an ex-koss employee too (but don't quote me on that). Any mention of this brand gets deleted from the forum quicker than a political rant or ipods at low prices!! spam.
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Thanks for the list kramer. A few other cans that seem to have fakes...

Sennheiser CX300
Sennheiser PX100
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SE 310s
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I have a pair of fake Shure E2C. The first clue they were fake is that the price was way lower than anywhere else. The second clue is that they don't come with any packaging. The third clue is that if you read the ebay description over several times it tells you that the earbuds use E2C drivers even though it advertises them as E2Cs. When I got them they looked like E2Cs, but said
"Shure" nowhere on them.

They were cheap. They work - the sound is really not bad for IEMs. They fit in the pocket of my purse. I did indicate in the ebay feedback that the earphones were fake.
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They're faked a LOT on ebay. Any ATH-EC7's you see coming from China are Fake. Even in "Original Packaging." If the ones you find come with original packaging, find another picture of the packaging, or ask here first. 99% of the time they're fake.
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The top 3 fakes are:

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Also, there's an ebay, whose name I currently can't remember, I think I found it in relation to some creatives, but there's an ebayer that has how to spot a fake guides on his auction.
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Okay, how bout these; real or fakes?
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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post
Okay, how bout these; real or fakes?
Instant fake.
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Actually, they are real but factory imperfections/mess-ups. At least the black ones from Earfoods are. I have had CM5 and CK5 and two fullsize AT's so I know the house sound. They are a decent deal actually. Not a great phone to begin with but quite good for $8.50 shipped. An improvement over the CK5 in all areas. Mine have a messed-up AT logo on the right side of mine. All else matches up with the real phone.
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It also might be an idea to save pictures of fakes and upload them here so we can get a visual idea of what to look for.
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I don't think the headphonia amp qualifies as a fake. I own a headphonia amp and I believe the quality is the real deal. I think most fakes are of a lesser quality, where the headphonia offers all of the quality of a top amp.
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fake shure e4g thread

fake e2g 1

fake e2g 2

fake e2g 3

hope this helps, as the e4gs i bought as a n00b and learnt my lesson!
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hey guys

hav a look at these:

fake or not?
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