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Yeah, the QP85 is a fun pair. I've used it to watch some of those heavily produced TV shows that come with a truckload of carefully engineered soundtrack. House, etc.

The QP55x is very, very comfortable. I need to hook them up to a source and throw them in a closet for a week to burn in before i can really decide if the bright & punchy sound is really for me or not. I see the appeal, but it doesn't blend well with most of my taste in music. Makes me glad i've never dropped money on grados.
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I got QP70 and listened for them for an hour or so. The best $40 I spent of headphones so far. For the money it’s a great headphone.

There is BASS, and a lot of it. The box actually states 5-22,000 Hz. I would say that I can hear very low end that is very articulate and well defined. These headphones are very very analytical, but not supper cold. I need to listen to them more to form an opinion.

Anyhow below are a few pics next to my K280 for size comparison. Also the pads are starting to go, I see a few cracks and they feel brittle. Please let me know what I can replace them with if you know or have any ideas I would be very grateful for any help in this department since I like them so far.

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Nice find. They look in decent condition too. I hope some come my way some day.
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Like them even more as they break-in nicely and become more mellow. But the pads are rapidly falling apart since they were sitting around in a box for a long long time. Now I have to find nice replacement pads that will not compromise the sound.
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I notice that the head-fier who bought my QP95 is now selling them on ebay for $111, if anyone is interested. Search QP95, and you'll spot my review of them pretty quickly. They're not for those with weak amplification, but if you've got it (and by it I mean tubes), these things might be just the ticket for punishing detail.
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I was looking at that deal, but I think $111 is a bit too much for them, $60 and I would buy them

Hopefully MB Quart will be sending me a new pair of pads soon. Stay tuned to further development in my MB adventures.
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Well, considering that the nearly identical QP400 goes for 200 euros at the only source I know of, it's maybe not such a bad price, but since you could also get an HD580 or K501 for that price, I don't know. Anyway, if you already have a QP85, there's no need for the 95 IMO. (obviously, or I'd still have them)
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I have QP85 and QP70. So now I got it covered on both fully open and completely closed fronts. By the way MB is sending me brand new pads, for free.
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Is this the same MB Quart that makes awesome car speakers? I had a system in my car 10 years ago that was phenomenal. MB Quart was one of the best at the time.
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Yup. The very same.

They hardly admit to making headphones anymore, though.
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I think it's quart that makes the car/home speakers and mb that makes the headphones. Before Quart bought MB, it was part of Peerless MB, with pretty much the same relationship. Strangely enough, the actual microphone part of Mikrofon Bau (MB) split from the headphone part before any of this.

Personally, I worry that Quart might just close up shop on the pro audio branch. It's clear they haven't given them any R&D cash for a decade, and their marketing is nonexistent outside the studio realm, and not exactly thorough even there. If they even had a single easily findable online distributor in the US and one in Germany, I bet sales would double. I once tried to convince MB's Willi Pressuti that getting active on head-fi could help his company, but I think they're now so far from working towards consumer sales that eventually he just let it slide.
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MB Quart is owned by a Maxxsonics now. I seem to remember hearing that this was a Japanese company. It really is sad that they had such high quality headphones (and apparently still do) that are so hard to find. The only ones I can really find anywhere are the QP55x's, which I am still really close to buying. You can only hope a high quality company like this can get its act together and make wonderful headphones like these QP70's and QP85's.
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I found interesting info on Maxxsonics website..


Small is big.
The Innovations Award winning design team at Maxxsonics has developed 1000's of consumer electronics products over the years. In 2005, they began exchanging ideas to enhance an already strong headphone category for MB QUART. Destined to be yet another successful example of market-driven engineering innovation, MB QUART’s proven studio and broadcast headphone market position was invaluable in marketing new high-performance ear-buds and headphones.
What are these cool looking ear buds?? I wounder if they will be re-entering the market. This could be a very good news for all of you Quartphiles.
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They've had that picture up for a long time, but there doesn't seem to be a product associated with it though they refer to the project in the past tense. Judging from the tips, it looks like an armature driver. But then how far can we trust pictures where the cables are just photoshopped in?
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Oh well. I guess all is left is trying to get the NOS phones while they last
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