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created by Karl Heinz Fink and Ken Ishiwata, Boston Acoustics introduces m series loudspeakers. anybody heard them? these seem promising for the mid-priced segment of the speaker market.




the M25

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I have some Boston A360s in my room.  For $399, I think they sound pretty damn good.  The bass is actually not bad either.  For rock music the bass is good enough, it's only when I listen to rap do I feel the need for a sub.


On another note, I've always had a lot of respect for their car audio equipment and was sorry to hear they were leaving that market.  However, I was able to get a great deal recently on some nice equipment:


1. Boston Acoustics G110PD: 1 @ $139.99  MSRP  $329.95 ea.
2. Boston Acoustics GT-2125: 3 @ $109.99  MSRP  $299.95 ea.


Sadly, judging from their product line over the last few years it looks like it's moving lower and lower end.

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Received the new gear today and I couldn't be happier.  No just need to save up for two sets of Pro60SEs and I'll be all set.  atsmile.gif




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I fell in love with the rich, warm sound that comes out of my old CR-8s when paired with my 1974 Technics receiver. I jumped at the chance t buy a like new pair still with original packaging for $50. The end game is to pair them with an Oppo HA-1 and an SMSL SA50 And maybe a powered sub in the listening room as budget allows.
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Back in 2000 I purchased a set of System 8000 5.1 speakers with powered sub. Still sounds awesome paired with my midrange Onkyo receiver. I can still remember auditioning several sets of speakers at The Good Guys and getting convinced by the sales guy that they were a much better deal than whatever speakers I was looking at. I don't remember what speakers they were, but I do remember that these came in about $300 cheaper and sounded pretty awesome in the theater room...


Been thinking about moving that whole setup to my home office for my PC since thats where I do most of my watching of action movies and all of my gaming.


(I don't like to watch violent or overly loud action movies in front of my 5 year old since she's old enough to get scared by them and precocious enough to want to keep interrupting the movie or argue about who gets to pick what's on the tv...)

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