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Kimber Kable KCTG

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Has anyone tried these yet? Reviews? Comments? Thoughts? Anyone familiar with the KCAG's? Reviews? Comments? Thoughts? It is my understanding that the KCTG's are just a double-thickness of KCAG's. My opinion, from what little I have experienced, is that silver is good for smoothness and extended highs, and copper is good for extended bass. I am thinking that I would do well with a hybrid, like the DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1's (?name), but I have heard (from mister bi-wiring man, himself, Jon Risch, amongst others) that there are a lot of bad hybrids in the world, so I'm thinking maybe I should go with pure silver, but really thick like this...I _like_ my bass.
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Excellent site to check reviews out such as cables etc is

Type the product name in the search engine and it'll bring up a list with a percentage of how relevant it is to your query!
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