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Ég er ekki alveg viss hvurn andskotann þessir einstaklingar eru að röfla. 

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Confrontation of the SRM 727 007t2 and RKV-WEE on 009 and 007

(Continuation and at the end)




Voici un lien pour la suite de ma publication (en français) smile.gif

Here is the link in the published version (in french) : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/casques-haute-fidelite/club-des-heureux-proprietaires-de-casques-stax-t29819561-3870.html




(PS : you can use the google French English automatic translator for more understanding)

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I'm considering to make "Spritzer mod" to my SRM-727II. But I wondering, how does this mod affect to upper midrange sound? My ears are quite sensitive to peaks of these frequencies, and my unmodded SRM-727II + SR-009 combo have just right upper midrange level to my ears now.
So, should I mod or should I leave SRM-727II as it is?
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Originally Posted by jaycalgary View Post

I have only listened to that pair of SR-X MK3 Pro's for a short while but as soon as I put them on they go near the top of my list. I also have 404le's that get next to no head time. I think I can only judge the bass weight over bass depth the best and the SR-X pro's probably only come 2nd to the 007 mk1's. Even the 007's have significantly more bass weight than the 009's. I find both the 009's and the SR-X pro's bright and the SR-X pro's a little less refined and edgy compared to the 009's. Just a rough opinion.


I find some lack of refinement in the SRXIII Pro's, probably due to a loss in timbre compared to the Stax 007A.  I have yet to hear the 009's.  I don't find them especially treblish or sibilant. ( I hope that's not just my high frequency hearing crapping out with age. Possibly there is some difference between the original SRX's you have and my modded version )  However there strength is what seems like a total absence of coloration. I am hearing old material in a new

way.  And, these phones compare well to other Staxen cost 5-10 times as much.   Can you imagine what they might be like with a modern, 007/009  type of diaphragm?

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I've been living in Montréal for two years now et mon français est encore le suck. I'm sure I made no less than five mistakes in my above sentences. 

Let's not forget that there's French and then there's Quebecois. wink.gif

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Has it been a year since Stax got bought? 


Any fallout from that? 


Who is the Stax importer these days?   Are there any good places to buy Stax in the U.S.?  

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Originally Posted by Jodet View Post

Has it been a year since Stax got bought? 


Any fallout from that? 


Who is the Stax importer these days?   Are there any good places to buy Stax in the U.S.?  


No fallout, business continues as usual.

For 009/007a/407/507- - Pricejapan. No need to look anywhere else. For older stax.. E-Bay and Rinkya/Kobuten (basically auctions.yahoo.jp, but they bid for you and ship the product to you for a fee). Of course getting there are various forum markets (head-fi, audiogon, etc).

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Mimi nina uhakika kabisa nini shetani watu hawa ni ROFL.

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So what's with the weird languages going on now? Anyway, something interesting to make note of and some of you might frown at me, but an E11 (high gain, 1 eq bass) + my CD950's really sound close and similar to my Lambda Pro's. Pretty damn good if you ask me for yet another vintage can and being closed form factor.

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блять rolleyes.gif

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Attempt at translating Eric's review below...

Headphones: SR-007mk2 with an additional thin cotton layer in front of the driver (earpad cavity) + partial blocking of the vents, SR-009 (stock form)
Amps: SRM 727II, SRM 007t2, Audiovalve RKV mk2 + Woo Audio WEE (using custom 1/4in headphone plug to bare wires to drive the wee from the rkv headphone out)
Source: audiomat (refer to previous post for more details)
CD: Stéphane Grappelli et Michel Petrucciani dans l’album Flamingo (a good quality recording but that can sound hard in the highs as well as turn to flabby / inconsistent bass with the wrong playback system)

First, listened to track 4 with the 727+ modded Omega 2: intimate soundstage (not very wide) ; bass is wholly and a bit disjointed (not easy to follow the bass lines), but the sound is well rounded (rather mellow sounding) ; violin and piano sound ok, delicate tones but a strange mixture of dark and bright sound at the same time. Indeed, lower mids are quite present, upper mids are rather attenuated, while we can easily hear some extra presence in the treble region which can lead to fatigue with this recording (a reason why I added a thin layer of cotton to my 007 after plugging the vent).

Next came the modded 007mk2 with the srm007t2. It's a little better than before in the sense the amp attenuates this tendency to get a sparkly treble with the previous headphone / amp combo. The tonality is also more refined. Image width is slightly larger, cleaner. Bass is a notch down in level, the sound isn't very lively but maybe the bass sounds a tiny bit tighter than through the 727. Overall, a more pleasing type of listening, with less fatigue, more refinment, but lacking in liveliness and impact. I prefer this combo slightly more than the previous one.

Now 727+009. It's a whole different experience. While the Omega 2 sounds slightly dark and rounded, the 009 sounds in contrast very clear and resolved ; it's almost day and night. First, the soundstage width is much larger and detailed than with the omega 2 (the 009 sounds more open). The 009 is much more dynamic sounding with tight and well resolved bass, in lesser quantity than the omega 2 but much cleaner. Extreme lows are also present. The sound is much more clear with much more realistic tonality for the violin and piano ; drums and piano sound impactful but unfortunately also a bit hard sounding at higher volume levels. The upper treble is less present, less sparkly than the 007, which in the end is less fatiguing and more natural sounding. The sound is more lively, dynamic, but with a tendency to sound a bit hard and rough when you push the volume.

Next the 009 with SRM 007t2. Well, it might be surprising but I prefer the association with the 727 amp (as long as you keep the listening level sufficiently low). The 007t2 leads to less bass presence which, even if very clean with the 009, does not pair so well because the headphone can feel a bit lean in the bass department already (especially when compared to the omega 2). Furthermore, the 007t2 rolls off the upper treble (in comparison to the 727), which works well with my modded Omega 2, but is unfortunate for the 009, since this phone does not have any particular issue in the highs. Tonality is however more refined with the 007t2, the 727 sounding a bit rough in comparison, but something is missing, some liveliness for instance.
Indeed, I find the 009-007t2 combo too polite, very refined but lacking severely in the liveliness, dull sounding. The sound is clean but a bit too clean for my taste. It's very audible for this CD: the experience with the 727 amp makes you want to tap the foot following the rhythm and increase the volume (until it starts to go south). It is a very lively rendering with good prat.
With the 007t2, you can easily increase the volume, but the sound remains dull (too clean, lacking edge). Disappointing.

Next, track 4 again with the modded Omega 2 and the rkv-wee. Soundstage width is increased and the modded Omega 2 is metamorphosed, as if transcended by the association with the rkv-wee.
The sound is very impactful, which finally wakes up the omega 2: powerful bass, with good foundation, and easy to follow. It induces foot tapping, you want to push the volume, there's life. Only issue is the upper treble, still too present, which can sound fatiguing at high listening level over time. Probably my modded Omega 2 isn't very neutral sounding with its rounded bass, attenuated upper midrange and sparkly highs.

At last comes the association 009 with rkv-wee. It's a combination of the best of each of the previous listenings. Soundstage is surprisingly large, compared to the modded Omega 2 as well as the 009/727 & 009/007t2 combos. It's lively, much much better than the 009/007t2 combo. The sound is powerful: bass and drums rhythm make you want to increase the volume. The louder it gets, the better it sounds, only the voice of reason makes me get back to reasonable level (no need to go death so early). But basically, there's no apparent ceiling, you can keep increase the volume and it keeps getting more lively.

In regards to tonality, the combo 009 + rkv-wee manages to keep the qualities of the 007t2 but with a more contrasted, lively, dynamic sound that can be both brutal at loud volume levels while also very soft and subtle on more intimate sections of the recording.

In summary, you can easily guess which system I preferred after this comparison...

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Confrontation of the SRM 727 007t2 and RKV-WEE on 009 and 007

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One great thank you Arnaud for the translation of the first part of my review. regular_smile%20.gif

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Hey guys, Thinking about pulling the trigger on a BHSE/SR-009 combo since the price of Yen keeps falling and it seems like now is as good as a time as any to buy. Should I expect significant improvement coming from a Burson Conductor/LCD-3 combo?
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No you shouldn't. That way, when the 009/BHSE do arrive, their comparative awesomeness will be all the more of a pleasant shock.

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