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Introducing the C&C Box Headphone Amplifier  

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Hi Everbody. We at C&C Studio Labs would like to introduce are C&C Box
Headphone Amplifier here at Head-Fi .We are New Portable Headphone
Manufacturer.It is with are greatest Pleasure to show you are excellent Small Headphone Amplifier to all of You here at this Forum.Special Thanks to jude for letting us introduce are C&C Box here at Head-Fi.

*C&C BOX Portable Headphone Amplifier V2*

C&C BOX is the first outstanding portable headphone amplifier in it's Class from C&C Studio Lab. After one Year Of intensive design and development this headphone Amplifier targets both low and higher impedance headphone set and earphone Users .

This headphone amplifier using a super FET Operational amplifier, ALPS Hi-end potentiometer, Super High Grade Capacitors, large high capacity batteries with specialized customization quality, through excellent design and precisely selected Components(Red WIMA capacitance, Nichicon/Sanyo 1000uF*2 for the Power Filter, the Japanese professional ALPS potentiometer, AD822BR pre-amp OP*2+the AD8532 low-voltage level operational amplifier*4, LM317L Regulator. TL431*2 precision voltage reference)can not only provides excellent powerful control, 70-hour max playing time (but also ensures a very low distortion and surberb high definition detailed sound quality.

The output stage of C&C BOX reaches 250mA*4 which is four times expanding current flow compared to some other portable headphone amplifiers. Thus the C&C BOX provides much more powerful control to drive large low and higher impedance headphones.Designed with three types of compensations to make up the inadequacy from various headphones low frequency, vocal flat, and the traditional weaknesses of individual Hearing effects/inner ear.
Compensations are : (MF) voice + low frequency (LF) + acoustic field/stage extension (SF), three switches with eight combinations. (Low frequency compensation + intermediate frequency voice compensation and harmony sound stage expansion compensation)

1 Usage:
First, insure audio volume has been totally turned down on the C&C BOX. Link the LINE OUT of your audio source (CD, MD, MP3, etc.) to the C&C BOX input socket (IN) by using 3.5-3.5 audio cable. Turn on C&C BOX Power Switch, and then, insert the earphone into the output socket (OUT) of C&C BOX headphone. Adjust the volume and you can appreciate the beauty of this Amplifier and your Music. Compensation can also be chosen to increase the sense of hearing.

2 Charge:
Insert the power adapt (100-240V) into your power socket, DC power supply plug into the socket on the back panel of C&C BOX. It will charge without turning on the power switch. During charging time, the two-color light will turn to red. When it is close to fully charged status, the light will darken. When the battery is completely full, the light will be extinguished. Generally, if C&C BOX is nearly no power at all, or has not been used for a long period of time, 5-6 hours will be enough for a full complete charge. In normal operating condition, 3-4 hour will be enough for full charge. The internal design of the high-precision voltage regulator, charging control circuit of C&C BOX can ensure automatic stop when it has been fully charged avoiding over charge and ensure the battery life.

The green led light will fade until extinguished when the battery is going to run out. At this time, the battery is still able to support three hours of playing time to let you enjoy your music longer. But, please charge it before the battery has been totally run out!

3 Maintenance services

We support one year free warranty. As long as the damage is not caused by damage on purpose, improper use, dropping of amplifier or opened for personal modifications, otherwise we will take responsibility for the free maintenance. Beyond the period of maintenance, we only charge the material fee of spare parts without any testing and repairing fee.

4 accessories :
100-240V input, 9V/1A output, switching power supply. 20cm long, 3.5-3.5 Audio Line. brochure, Soft Velvet bag, certificate of the product

5 Summary of Specification:

a. Business card size suits all low and Higher impedance headphones

b. Dedicated compensation design for various headphones' And individual Hearing Frequency Response to make Sound Reproduction quality more perfect. Three compensations include: low frequency compensation + intermediate frequency voice compensation and harmony sound stage expansion compensation. Three switches eight types of combination. If compensation switches are complete off, it will be a common high-fidelity, low/high impedance headphone amplifier.

c. Using a low voltage level---AD822BR (FET) IC for outstanding performance in its pre-amp section, and the output level using this super high quality IC with over250mA output capacity expansion/headroom, and expanded four times parallel connection expanding current flow, to provide very wide high dynamic range, high Damping Factor and high control power. Whether under 32 ohm or to 300 Ohms, the output signal is basically unchanged. So perfect impedance match to low & high Headphones is achieved.

d. Volume potentiometer using authentic ALPS potentiometer, to ensure high quality of sound.

e. Batteries are using specially customized outstanding industrial nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries, 750mAh/4.8V, conduct adequate capacity, coherence is excellent.

f. Internal design contains intelligent voltage charging circuit, full automatic Trickle Up. It will not be over-charged, 7.5-12V supply voltage compatible external hard disks, to supply a wide range of power source. You can listen to music while charging without interference or any communication made.

g. Very high quality: 150mW+150m output

h. Headset plugs impedance: 8-300 ohm Auto Match

i. THD+N (total harmonics distortion plus noise) : below 0.005%

j. Frequency response : 10-100kHz/1dB

k. Total playing at moderate Voume: (70) hours

l. Pocket size, dimensions: 51 * 19mm 91* (Strong Aluminum Casing)

m. Mainframe weight (including battery) : 140g

n. Power: 100-240V, 50/60Hz; 7.5-12V DC

# Exchange without any charge within 30 days due to any quality problem
# One year free service
# No charge of any labor fee after one year time

C&C Contact:Email
Techical questions: contact forum member--Soundwize
***Price to Be Announce Very Soon***
**And Group Buy to be Posted very Soon**


Due to policy change, group buy price will not be published here. Please send personal message or email us for special group buy price. We can still offer it in low price privately, to start your brand new amazing music journal!!! This group buy will last until 20 orders reach group buy. America: 6.00
Express Mail: (Overnight to most areas) 20 USD shipping fee
Priority Mail: Free Shipping Now with confirmation delivery
Insurance: 3 USD (option)
Global Express Mail: (3-5 days) 20 USD shipping fee
Global Priority Mail: 10 USD
Insurance: 3 USD (option)But Better safe then Sorry:

Rest of the world:
Global Express Mail: (3-5 days) 30 USD shipping fee
Global Priority Mail: 15 USD
Insurance: 5 USD (option)
When you join this group buy list, please provide:info Below:
(For anyone who does not want to release your personal information under this thread, Please provide me your forum ID, and your name ONLY under the thread. Then, send me your details through email or add it in paypal when you make the payment. Thanks a lot!!)

Your forum ID:

Your name:

Your address:

Your Zipcode(postcode):

Your Phone number:

Your email address:

The color you choose (Black, Gloden, Silver):

Payment send to paypal account: (please mention for C&C Box group buy!)(Head-Fi

Money Order is accepted:Only Postal Money Order Only.
Email Me or Zunqiu for Mailing Address Please.
Don't wait to long they sell Fast.
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Look forward to the announcement of the price and a possible group buy.
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Always nice to have another player in the mix, competition is good thing! Look forward to hearing impressions about this amp!
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I've heard it at jaben and i can say that in the short time that i listened to it (10 mins or so), i liked it!
You'll find the compensation switch quite unique.. I never liked bass boost but the mid and soundstage boost was great!

Oh and it comes in bling bling gold (i came into the room and it was reflecting sunlight into my eyes.. )

The thing is, i didn't ask what the price was.. If it's under $100 it would be a great buy
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Is it going to be more than $100?
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I'm reading some great reviews on this amp. Can't wait for reviews from fellow Head-fiers.
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"It's a boy!!! And what a boy!"

"...Sir, that's a volume dial"
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I'd probably take part in a group buy...I always like checking out new portable amps...
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A group buy sounds nice. =]
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anxiously awaiting news about group buy......
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Originally Posted by denmason View Post
anxiously awaiting news about group buy......
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
I'd probably take part in a group buy...I always like checking out new portable amps...
You will enjoy it, I listened to an unit extensively (owned by fellow Head Fier Vorlon1). I was very impressed by the soundstage specially when you engage the SF switch.
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mrarroyo... is that review almost done yet?!?! C'mon, we're waiting!
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The casing looks like a LDM+ to me, just an observation. I'll be interested to hear the reviews.
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Professional Review Done at Ipodstudio go see.

Originally Posted by Morph201 View Post
mrarroyo... is that review almost done yet?!?! C'mon, we're waiting!
Hi Morph201..There was a Professional Review Done on are C&C Box
at Ipodstudio.This Review was done by BlessingX a Contributor here at Head-Fi
Here is the Link to it.
It even went up against the Emmeline SR-71.
in this Review..Go see for yourself the Excellent Perfomace it will Convene
to the Headphone listener.
My review is also Posted there See
Left hand side where it says C&C Box Group Buy..
But you can not buy one from there it is sold out.
We reserved 20 Units for you guys here at Head-fi
we have them now in stock now in the USA.
This is one excellent headphone Amp.
but don't take my word for it go see the Reviews.
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