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Probably my listening time is distributed evenly between headphones and my speakers system. at the moment i am still loving the addition of a valve power amp in my system. Its by no means high end, and has some noticeable flaws, but it is still leagues ahead of the technics amp i was using.
my speaker setup (complete chain) is this.

Source (ibook>usb dac, nano, dej2000 or linn sondek Lp12 with Grado Blue>cheap phono stage)> Mint Amp with 200ohm on output> Maplin Millenium 4-20 push pull AB1 power amp (20W, mullard tubes)> B&W original 601, Noname diy sealed 8" sub x-over at 50htz.

The difference between headphones and speakers is mostly presentation, aside from the feeling of bass impact i get from this setup (which i do get, both chest thumping, and deep and tunefull). When listening to speakers, they present an image of sound in front of you. when listening to heaphones sound surrounds you the music, you are much more enveloped in sound.
i much much prefer my speaker setup, and my setup is by no meant optimal in regards to placement, its just a much more visceral experience. i cant wait to get a place that i can really get the best out of my system.
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At work headphones 100% ~ I travel and can't bring speakers

At home speakers 100% ~ never take the phones out of their case

I figure that if a headphone rig is worth say $ 2000.00 it would take at least $ 9000.00 in a home rig to come close (plus the cost of room treatments). Headphones are a bargin in the audiophile world!!!!
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Mainly listen to music thru heaphones on a portable basis, at home its either speakers or headphones when listning from the computer.

Hopefully I'll "build" myself decent home/portable rig in the future.
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Exclusively headphones since two years.
I deleted my speaker. In fact, i'm becoming crazy about headphones
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