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Musical Fidelity claims its new CD player is better than SACD!

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Their marketing group seems to have gotten a bit carried away.


This is an expensive CD player with no SACD or DVD Audio capability. There will be only 500 made.

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I posted something about this player when it was 1st release.

Any reviews of this thing at all anywhere since then?
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I'm waiting for the Linn CD12 to lay the smackdown on it!
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i get the feeling that puppy cost a little more than my Panasonic SLC 570...it sure would be interesting to see how well Musical Fiedelity's bluster lives up to their muster on this one...
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I think a PCDP is good enough for me, tho
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These musical fidelity people freak me out. Why don't they take all this cool technology and apply it to sacd so there marketing team will claim it is better than real life.
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lol, ai! The sad part is, they will eventually do that when the "lucky" few who get this CD player realize that better SACD players (not yet here) will blow this thing away
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Michael Fremer reviews the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D in this month's Stereophile, and he includes a comparison with the Marantz SA-1 SACD/CD player. His general conclusion was that the Nu-Vista 3D sounded better to him than the Marantz with redbook CD's , but SACD's on the Marantz still sounded better than redbook CD's on the Nu-Vista 3D.
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That's really interesting how people here have an opinion
about a player - and have never heard it.

Personally, I think trying to make a redbook player as good
or better than a SACD player is absolutely understandable considering how many CDs there are and how few SACDs.
And just because the technical Specs of SACD look better than those of the CD it doesn't mean that a) the current SACD players exploit this potential to the fullest and b) people can actually
hear this technical advantage.

So if MF claims it sounds better I don't laugh at them but instead it makes me wanna go out there and listen to this player. Only after that I will have an informed opinion....


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Not to mention, it seems SACD still has a questionable future...

I personally would also want to fine tune CD playback instead of playing with SACD, which is REALLY in its own little niche right now.
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But, you know you can get a Wadia for cheaper.

I rather get this :

Wadia 301 CD Player

Technical Specifications
Pickup Mechanism: Pioneer Stable Platter
Digital Filter Software: DigiMaster 3.1 upsampling Filter System
24-bit resolution
DAC Resolution: 21 bits
Digital Volume Control Range: 50 dB in one-hundred ½ dB steps
Maximum Output Voltage: Can be adjusted via external switch from 0.3V to 4.25V
to match system sensitivity
Optional 24-bit Digital Inputs: 1 glass fiber optic (ST)
1 plastic fiber optic (Toslink)
All inputs accept and decode standard digital audio formats,
from 32 kHz to 96 kHz, and from 16-24 bits.
Digital Outputs: 1 S/PDIF (BNC)
Analog Outputs: One pair of Balanced (XLR) and one pair of Single Ended (RCA)
Both sets may be used simultaneously.
Power Consumption: 18 watts
Finish Options: Silver
Dimensions Inches: 4 h 17 w 14 d
Centimeters: 12 h 43 w 37 d

Weight 16 lbs. (7.3 kg)
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By the way just how much does the Nu Vista 3D cost US$?
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That was pretty silly redwood. Either that or you have stock in Musical fidelity. Pretty much every post was a joke and yet you stick up for this player like you gave birth to it or something. Get a sense of humor man.

PS: I really like musical fidelity judging by my experiences with there products thus far. And I will probably consider buying musical fidelity products in the future. I just think it is funny that they make such outrageous claims whether they are true or not, it jsut seems really ballsy.
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Well, I do hold 89% of MF but I'll try to be unbiased anyway...

But seriously, I haven't heard this player so I have no opinion.
Others here haven't heard it either but have a pretty strong opinion. I just wanted to balance things out.
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I don't know about sounding better than SACD (I've never heard it) but I can say that after listening to the new Cary 306/200 I've heard the best 2-channel sound I have ever heard (detail, smoothness, quickness, depth, timbral precision). I even have had multi-channel illusions where the entire room became the musical instrument. It is a truly remarkable player (at $5,000MSRP I expect it to -- I think the MF is about that price point).

The Cary has a new PMD-200 digital filter with HDCD (courtesy of Pacific Microsonics, a.k.a. Microsoft) and 192kHz/24bit upsampling.
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