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Tube amps and gaming

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What would a tube amp do for the sound of gaming. In particular, what would the machine guns in Battlefield 2 sound like coming though a tube amp versus a solid state amp.

This is an amp i was considering:


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well my Melos is a hybrid amp, and playing DoTA on WCIII last night was explosive. i don't think you'll have any issues with improving your chain by adding a hybrid amp to your gaming rig!
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In a game like battlefield 2, what can i expect from tubes in terms of:
- ambient sounds
- Firing a machine gun
- the sound of footsteps
- Large bass-y explosions

Will more detail and more bass come from using tubes?
Will tubes warm and soften up what sounds hard and crisp (may not be an advantage)?

Thanks in advance
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Aren't we talking OVERKILL!!!!! BIG TIME if you are talking about the difference between such amps for gaming purposes?

Picturing the conversation;

Ooh the timber is much more improved on machine guns and the lower bass frequencies from hand grenades far more like that heard in live performances

Kidding- I'm sure people are this discerning- just not me, not for games.
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all i can say is that a millet is going to be better than your onboard solid state amp. hey, if you can swing a PPA for $200-250, feel free to do that as well - neither should let you down for gaming.
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Definitely! I dont understand why people will laugh at the idea. Coupled with a good amp, explosions and more importantly, the soundstage and accuracy of the position of sound effect, such as footsteps will definitely improve. An amp with the right headphone can completely submerge you in a game that has good audio to begin with.
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I never really concentrate on sound when gaming. Soundstage and bass of my dt770/80s do work wonders tho. I'm mostly a racing guy so I just put my gs1ks on while playing racing games.
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haha...interesting. i'm in a similar situation, I'm a gamer (and trance addict) looking to upgrade. Just bought an X-Fi and pair of DT770/80's...looking at amps. very tempted to pick up a Little Dot 2 off ebay considering the price and it was recommended to get a warm amp for the 770's.
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I think that FPS benefit the most from using headphones. Since the view on the screen is coming "from" your head in a FPS, the audio in the game matches perfectly with the "in" your head sound of headphones. When someone starts blasting on me, it's nice to be able to use the precision of the sound-stage to hear exactly where they are shooting from. You can almost play with your eyes closed.

So I just did an A/B comparison between my tube amp and my soundcards line-out with HALO 2. The biggest advantage of the tube amp was the much more enveloping sound-stage. When using the SS line-out of my soundcard, the sound-stage was primarily to the front only.

Things like water falls, nature sounds, rain drops, etc really fit into the overall picture a lot better with my amp. I felt more immersed in the experience with tubes.

The battle rifle was a bit cleaner sounding from the soundcard, but it sounded kind of sterile in comparison. The tubes made it sound a lot more powerful. I'm sure this is due to the distortion of tubes, but I think the explosions sound better due to the slightly bassy sound. Even though the bass is augmented, it still has snap to which is quite noticeable on the bigger rifles. Makes it sound more punchy. I also get fatigued less when using my tube amp when I play for a few hours straight.

Whenever grenades land close to me I can hear them perfectly and start to move away instantly. I can hear the plasma grenade's sizzle even while still flying in the air towards me. This detail is less pronounced when just using my soundcard. Footsteps seem to come through better with my tube amp also. A big help when people try sneak up behind you!

So overall I prefer using my tube amp whenever I game; I enjoy the experience more with this amp. Especially with FPS and it helps me a lot in HALO 2 live battles. .
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Thanks for making this thread. I've been wondering the same thing, because I'm soon purchasing an LDII+ to compliment my K701s. Sounds like I'll enjoy the combo!
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If people are talking about fire and positioning in an FPS then it depends upon the coding first and foremost. If directional sound isn't coded or accurately coded into the game then the amp and headphone combo is irrelevant in that context.

If a game is coded in with accurate directional sound and is coded in surround sound, then a surround sound speaker set-up is going to be more accurate and improve gameplay over and above a headphone set-up in terms of directional sound recognition and response.

The in-your head comment is nuts. In real life sound acctually comes from differing directions- not in-your head.

If people prefer the sound of headphones with games and want a wider soundstage, if people just like the combo of differing equipement;


But this is different from gameplay enhancements such as recognising and responding to directional fire.
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Tube amps generally boost the mid-bass, which is exactly the frequency range of explosions and armament like shotguns. With a tube amp you can enjoy your first-person shooters like you never did before.
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I use my tube amp while playing Tetris. I find it gives me that extra micro second of reaction time

Hehe, just kidding...I don't even own a tube amp
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tubes would be fine for gaming. splendid really, but i'm not sure if that particular amp is the one you should get. branch out! there are zillions of amps out there! and I'm not sure if that $600 is the very best to your tastes at the tune of $600. I don't know, but just saying, I dunno if that has a great performancerice ratio.
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Originally Posted by Asr
Tube amps generally boost the mid-bass, which is exactly the frequency range of explosions and armament like shotguns. With a tube amp you can enjoy your first-person shooters like you never did before.
I think that depends on your perspective.

If surround sound is coded into an FPS and you have a surround sound speaker set-up then you can recognise and respond to the direction that gunfire and explosions emanate from and in so doing kill those who do not have this advantage (every player will statistically benefit from such irrespective of ability).

So it depends what is more important to you;

Do you prefer deep resonating shotguns and realistic sounding hand grenades as they are going through you head and chest?


Do you want the same edge as other gamers and prefer to not end up "dead" so often?

From a sound point of view I think I can enjoy my FPS's like never before when I "win" more often" and "die less often", but if being dead with great sounds is your thing? Hey ho....

Who knows maybe marines will give up the directional sound recognition of their ears and start wearing cans with a better amplified sound that improves the mid range?

Mmmm I can't see that happening though.....even if they would experience better quality in-head sound when they got poppped in the head

Forgive my humour….(I'm not really a jerk just messing about) I just think my priorities in FPS’s are a little different.
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