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thanks again Skylab..owe you a coffee too!
just received the tubes I purchased from you, not had whole lot of time to listen but could tell a difference right away from what I had in there. amazing how much tubes effect (affect?) the sound! thanks!
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Date code question:
just received a Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB harp getter with the date: 322522-3
my 336i cam with a Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB dated 08 09...
anyway I am currently listening to the Electron 6080 with the new Tung-sol. really like the sound so far.
Listening to vinyl, only concern is when the singer sings an "S" sound, there is a bit of a hiss, almost like a lisp. not sure where on the chain to correct this problem
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Originally Posted by freakydrew View Post
my 336i cam with a Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB dated 08 09...
Pretty sure that is the current production Russian-made "Tung-Sol" - not really a Tung-Sol at all, other than in name. Does it say "Made In Russia" on it?
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the one with the long string of numbers says made in USA
the one with 08 09 is made in russia
the 6080 is an RCA, made in USA 6-13, or maybe 6-I3?
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If I have it right, 322522-3 is 1952, second week, third shift. "322" is the EIA code for Tung-Sol for sure (and that is definitely a US made tube, yes).

"6-13" on the RCA tube is probably the 13th week of 19X6, but it's hard to tell what the "X" is without knowing more. RCA has a bunch of different date-code methods, and while I have the "book" on their date codes, they weren't always consistent.

RCA tubes are all "vintage" - no one has tried to "revive" that tube brand the way Russia's New Sensor Corp has tried to "revive" the Tung-Sol brand. Some RCA tubes were OEM'd from companies in UK, Holland and Germany, but all from the tube heyday.
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I am amazed that the Tung sol is so old and sounds so nice.

I also tried looking at a PDF version of the RCA book and found nothing. I guess it has to be before a certain date when RCA stopped making the 6080.

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I actually think the 6080 was made more toward the end of the tube era than the beginning.

But I am use a pair of 1945 Tung-Sol 6SN7GT's in my Cary preamp - and they sound wonderful Some of the best tubes ever made were WWII era and post-war era.
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Hi guys, hoping you guys might be able to chime in on this one. I've had my 336i for almost a year now and have been somewhat avoiding the tube rolling threads because, first of all, it's confusing as hell, and second, I don't really want to get pulled into another wallet shrinking hobby. Well, the time has finally come for change and I would love some assistance. I hear that sylvania tubes are pretty good so I ordered these. They are supposedly SYLVANIA 6SN7GTBs. Are these any good?

I am using the amp with HD650s and K601+K701. I also have some Grados but I'm not worried about them too much.

ebay - 1956 Sylvania 6SN7GTB

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Yes, that is a Sylvania, with the staggered T plates. For $5 it was a steal. I think they sound very good - not the world's best 6SN7, but far better than any current production Russian or Chinese equivalent.
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Thanks Skylab, that's just what I wanted to hear. I'll have to grab a new power tube as well. Any particular tubes that will match my tube well?
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Start with an RCA 6AS7G. Good tube, easy to get, cheap. Then go from there.
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Anyone can help with deciphering these date codes from Tungsol 6SN7GTBs?


And are there any sonic differences between the different brands of 6080 power tubes like RCA, GE, Sylvania?
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When tube makers started using letters, the date codes were "encrypted". I don't have the decoder ring for those
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Hi Skylab,

I ran into some of your old posts and found that you liked the Jan 6AS7G Chatham Electronic tube which is actually the one I received with the amp when I bought it second hand. It does have alot of small fragments bouncing around in it, but it still works. I think I'll just wait until my driver tube comes in and see how they pair up.
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Yup - nice tube. A few glass fragments are no issue as long as the tube tests/works OK.
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