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Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread - Page 45

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spalz, That RCA socket surely looks nice.
And how much is $3AU in $US?
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Well normally it's about 75:100

Current exchange is around 80:100

Anyway, at the current exchange they're about $2.30US each, based on the actual price of $2.90AU and they look exactly the same to my eyes as what Mister X posted.

They are pretty nice, I use them because they're the only easily sourced isolated RCA sockets I can find.
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I have used these and am happy with them.
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I just finished one of my two Alien boards, and I have to say, I had no idea what I was missing. It sounds far better than onboard.

Unfortunately, it'll be a while until I get around to finishing the second one. I'm a few SMD components short of a complete set, and it's not worth paying $7 shipping on 5 cents of parts.

Next up is building a single enclosure for my MINT, Alien, and TREAD...
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Originally Posted by spongezone View Post
Unfortunately, it'll be a while until I get around to finishing the second one. I'm a few SMD components short of a complete set, and it's not worth paying $7 shipping on 5 cents of parts.
What do you need?
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A couple 22 ohm resistors and a 100pF capacitor, but I'm just going to put in a Mouser order soon. I need to get stuff for a couple non-audio projects anyway.

Any ideas on how to get ASIO working in foobar? After installing ASIO4ALL and the ASIO dll for foobar, no ASIO devices are showing up in the output section of foobar's preferences.

Edit: Nm, figured it out.
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Made another

Regulated to 5.4V, powered by 6V TREAD, Panasonic FM caps, Aerovox AFPS output caps. Needs to be cased and have switchable RCA and 1/8" jacks.

I discovered that my bigger iron was a lot easier to do the 2702 with, it got hotter so the swipe method worked faster (and less bridges, which killed my last attempt). This is going to be for my home desk. I've got two more boards that just have the surface mount chips and nothing else, one is going to be wall powered for work and the other is going to sit around and wait for a use.
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This was my first diy audio project, i needed a nice soundcard for my laptop and the Alien DAC seemed pretty cool.
Since the group buy was over I had to make the board myself.
Surprisingly everything went well(after one failed PCB), and the DAC sounds good.

Pics of the build here.

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WOW! I can't believe you managed to etch that double sided at home. That's awesome.
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Virtual ground question

Question about the virtual ground option.

I'm hooking an Alien DAC up to a PIMETA. So I'm wiring up AV+, AV- and AG.

AV+ and AV- is fine. But I'm confused with AG. On the PIMETA, that's connected to input ground, which is connected to the Alien DAC OG. So if I wired that, then I would be effectively connecting AG to OG (and the rest of the ground plane).

Is that right, or am I missing something?
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Is my REG101UA-A busted or am I down on voltage.

I spent the past two days putting this DAC together. It mostly went OK, but when I plugged it into the PC I got 3.3V but no 5V.

After a bit of work with the DMM I found that I have the following voltages on the REG101UA-A:

Pin Voltage
8 4.9V
7 4.9V
6 4.9V
5 4.9V
4 0.0V
3 58.0mV
2 33.4mV
1 33.3mV

I was expecting 4.75V. My PS voltage is 4.94V.

Is my regulator broken or is there not enough voltage for it to operate?
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Did you install R31/R32?

Pins 1/2 are the output pins. Pin 4 is ground. Are you numbering the pins correctly? 5-8 all on one side are tied together and connected to the input voltage.
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Yes I have 31.6K for R31 and 11.5K for R32 (on top of the board). According to the formula provided, these resistors in combination with the REG101 should give me an output voltage of 4.75V.

I've double checked the pins and they're all correct according to the datasheet. Curiously though, there seems to be some discrepency between the datasheet and the schematic. The schematic seems to have the pins mirrored.

Data Sheet

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That is exactly the way it should be.

Doesn't matter if it's mirrored in the schematic as long as everything goes to the right places and it does. Schematic isn't representative of how it is connected physically so it doesn't matter, it would if that was the board layout though.
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Are you sure it's the adjustable version?

Or maybe R31/R32 are swapped.

Can you take a picture of it?
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