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watch the used gear for sale forum. the cd1700 pop up now and then. they're nice cans, once you mod them and give them a good source and amp, and like i said forgiving of poor mastering. i listened to "rush: exit stage left" (a live recording from the '80's) yesterday with them and was impressed how well the cd1700 made this somewhat brittle recording sound almost analog. with the wrong source these cans sort of throw everything at your ears, in a kind of wall of sound--which is fatiguing. with a better source this is not a problem.

also, i should mention the cd1700 are one of the most comfortable headphones i've ever tried. i also use them for home theater dvd watching, and after about 20 minutes i almost forget i'm wearing them. they have a huge soundstage and surround cues in the soundtrack seem to come from outside and behind the cans.
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Originally posted by Tomcat
the W100 is more comfortable than the 770 and 990 Pro models ...
I disagree. The 770's are still the most comfy phone I've worn. Second is the HD600. 3rd is any of the AT's (W100, W2002, A100Ti). Leather is seductive, yes, but does not breathe as well as, (what is that, velour? terricloth?) well, whatever the DT770Pro pads are made out of.

I know a couple of people have complained about the grip, but it goes away, I tell you (and I have a big fat head, I should know). The little adjuster on top of the AT's does do a better job, in terms of grip, but material-wise, I prefer the Beyers.
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