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Toronto Headphone repair store.

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I recently got my Etymotic ER-6's repaired at a store in Toronto Canada and i'd said before that i'd let any other torontonians know how it went. So my pair had a problem with the jack end of the cord resulting in the right channel dropping out. So they replaced the jack with a straight gold plated jack with a spring for tension resistence. It cost me $25 or rather it saved me $54 off the the $69 etymotic were going to charge me to replace the er6's.

Anyway, incase your in Toronto and need a place to repair your cans, here it is.

Ring Audio
742 Queen Street East,
Toronto, ON M4M 1H2

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wow, thanks!

do these guys recable phones too?
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We are still repairing headphones (among other things)


We finally stumbled onto your thread after wondering for a while why we were getting so many more headphone repair jobs lately.

Thanks for the promotion!

We still replace 3.5mm stereo (TRS) plugs with a solid Neutrik/Rean plug.  Switchcraft available too.

We can replace cables and repair other headphone faults but these are more labour-intensive and costs scale with complexity and time spent.

Please check out RingAudio.com for directions, phone #, etc.

Thanks again,

Ring Audio






We now have replacement cables for Monster Beats Studio, Solo, and Pro/Detox, both with and without mic

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To anyone thinking of having headphone repairs done:


Before you write to us, let me recommend that you check to see where your signal is getting lost. 


- Try to hold the upper cable steady while moving the cable around the plug.  If this causes the signal to disappear and/or reappear, you've isolated the likely cause of the problem at the plug

- If that had no effect, try holding the lower part of the cable steady and moving the cable where it enters the earpiece.  If this causes a change in signal, you may have located the problem at the headset.

- Use the same technique to check around an inline volume control or any other feature mid-cable.



If the signal loss is occurring near the plug, we can replace it.  This is the most common problem.


If the problem is at the headset or in mid-cable, repair will be less predictable and somewhat more expensive.


By doing a little work to test your headphones, you can save us a lot of time!


Thank you!

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I got my UE Super Fi 5 Pro's repaired by Ring Audio.


The problem before the repair was that the connection to the plug was iffy, and sound would cut in and out.


I felt a really good vibe with the two owners there, and they managed to get the problem fixed in an hour. Great. The repair looks solid - I now have a straight plug, instead of the stock J plug which doesn't seem to last.


My only regret is that I shouldn't have thrown away my Er6i's. I should have gotten these guys to repair it - which was at the plug too. :( If you live in Toronto or live in any of the surrounding areas, you should really consider getting these guys to repair them for you - just my opinion.

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Thanks Quickness, glad we could help!


We are still doing repairs but we are moving to a new location on Carlaw ave.  We'll be settled in there by February.  We can always be reached at 416-693-7464 and info@ringaudio.com



Our "website" remains www.ringaudio.com





We are now at 17 Carlaw, unit 6, and still repairing 'phones and almost everything else audio.


gooogle maps: http://g.co/maps/duynq

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Thanks Orfeo for post. Had my AKG Headphone repaired at new location while waiting at coffee shope. Works great now.
July 20,2012

Ring Audio

17 Carlaw Unit 6
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I needed a repair done on Urbanears headphones; the jack stopped working properly and I was only getting sound in one ear. After reading a couple great reviews I decided to check out Ring Audio.
It was very easy to get to, the 72 bus from Pape Station dropped me off pretty much at Ring Audio's door. They are located at 17 Carlaw Ave, Unit 6.
It would have cost $40 to repair, but I would have lost the microphone and remote feature on the cord, which is a feature that I just can't live without. There was an option of having a microphone and remote feature installed for an additional fee which would have brought my total to be the same amount as a new pair of headphones. I was unsure of what to do until the guy working there noticed that the headphones have an additional jack plug-in on the right earphone that is meant to plug in another pair of headphones and be able to share audio. Thankfully, Ring Audio has cables that have 2 jacks, and a remote with built-in microphone feature! One end plugs into the jack plug-in on the earphone and the other end plugs into the device. Then the cord with the defective jack is just removed. The best part is that the cable only cost $22 plus tax!
Thanks to the clerks thorough knowledge I was able to quickly, easily, and cost effectively save my headphones I was in and out in less than 10 minutes!
I am also appreciative of the store's honesty. I know it would be all to easy to tell a customer that there is only one way to repair the headphones and keep the microphone/remote feature as well, which would have cost more. And yet I had one clerk suggest that I could always hold off and compare the cost of the repair with the cost of new headphones, and the other clerk quickly came to a cheaper solution that met all of my needs. I was able to keep the feature that I love for less than what it would have cost to just replace the cord and jack. I am just thrilled!
Thanks again Ring Audio for your great help!


They used to be located on Queen St. East but they are now at 17 Carlaw Ave. As I mentioned, easily accessible by transit and they have parking available as well.
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Thanks for the kind words!


We want to help people find the best solution for their needs, so I'm very happy to hear that you're satisfied!

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