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Is there a THIRD version of the Sony MDR-EX70?

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Many longer term HeadFize posters will remember my antics of butchering my EX70s in the name of research... well, there wasn't too much left of them - they still worked fine, but they weren't too pretty to look at, so today I decided to buy a replacement pair

Well, the first pair I had, I bought when they were first introduced (2 tipped version) had heavy bass, no real mids, and a strong treble... the next version that came out were reported to have slightly less bass and treble, but still not too much in the way of mids.

The pair that I bought today have a strong(ish) bass (although not as strong as the originals).. a semi delicate treble (at moderate listening levels) and... MIDS!!

The only descernable difference between my new pair, and the original pair is that the cord, and the "tube" that the tips are mounted on are a dark blue, and not black... are the standard "2nd generation" EX70s the same as this, just that my appreciation of midrange is different, or is this a new and improved version 3?
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I also decided to butcher my EX-70's. I removed the dust caps and superglued a couple of cigarette papers to the rims of the phones and then (after they had dried), punched a small hole in them. The result - much nicer treble - bass is still too much but at night, with classical music on low volume, they are quite sweet sounding now and, unlike the 888's, they don't leak too much sound and disturb my wife.

Still prefer my Ety's though - about a million times better.
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Peddler, please post some pics, I would love to have some more treble in mine but none of the mods were really what I wanted, the tape mod only decreased the bass. I'd love to have the same amount of bass but with increased treble, and it would be nice if the mods were'nt visible...well, even if they are, post some pics anyways.
By 'dust caps', do you mean the tips? or the silver covers on the back? (i don't really know the names of headphone components very well)
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