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Silver connectors vs Gold?

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I just got my promedia 5.1's, and am planning on buying the Digital decoder to go along with it. I heard that having a separate hardware decoder is quite a bit better than the driver-based decoding that my Audigy has.

The decoder uses RCA for the outputs, but the subwoofer has mini inputs. So they provide you with three sets of Mini to RCA converters. They have silver connectors, whereas the mini cables have gold.

Is it worth my while to get higher quality gold converters, or maybe even make my own direct mini to rca cable, no converter needed?

Thanks for the advice!

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gold isnt always better.

silver is a better conductor than gold, but gold wont oxidize or tarnish.

stick with what you've got, although, you might want to build yourself a mini to rca cable, as this would minimize the number of connections.
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I started a thread on the benefits of silver vs. gold a while back. Here it is:

Might be of some interest.

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are you sure they are silver? They may be nickel.
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sorry about the confusion- yeah I mean "silver colored" vs "gold colored" connectors.
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