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Computer rig Part 2: ATP3 review

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Well, I went with Ian and Neruda's suggestion to get the Altec Lansing ATP3 multimedia speakers. Perhaps I've been spoiled by my headphone setup, but I wasn't incredibly impressed with the ATP3s.

First off, they look a lot cooler in pictures than they do in real life. They're also quite small. I'd say the front panel is about the size of a TV remote. The satellites and sub are pretty light too, giving them that "cheap feel", if you know what I mean.

Versatility was another problem with the ATP3. The speakers hook up to the sub/amp unit with short, undetachable cords. Replacable speaker wires would've been much less restricting.

I found the sound quality decent at best. Maybe I was expecting too much out of a pair of multimedia speakers. Compared to my Cambrige Soundworks digital, the midrange on the ATP3 is definitely sweeter and smoother. It also seemed a tad warmer. The highs were okay, I suppose. They did get a little harsh at times though. Overall, the system is somewhat on the bright side. That was kind of a surprise to me, considering most mass market speakers cater to bass addicts.

Speaking of bass, this was one facet of the ATP3s that I found lacking. The midbass was good, well controlled an tight. But for some odd reason there was no low bass. When I tried to turning up the bass, it just got more muddy, boomy, and just plain ugly. I guess the sub is just underpowered.

I'm not a dum-bass - at least I hope not, but I was looking for speakers that were a tad more exciting than these. Something forward and in-my-face kinda thing. Perhaps it's not even possible for computer speakers.

The ATP3s aren't bad. On par, if not a bit better than the Cambridge Soundworks digital. I'll keep them. But I'll also be on the lookout for something better too.
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We never said that they were awesome incredible great sounding speakers. We said that they sounded quite good for being $99 multimedia speakers. At that price and in that category, I challenge you to find something better. Obviously, they don't even touch my headphone setup...but they are great to have around for the times when you need speakers.
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Yeah, I never use my computer speakers for serious listening anymore, and I have the Videologic Sirocco Crossfire! But for casual listening or watching mpegs or games or whatever, they're more than good enough. I hate to tell people to lower their expectations, but that's what you're gonna have to do in this case. There are no computer speakers that will come close to a good headphone setup.
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I wasn't very impressed either when I got them, and I definitely agree about the cables. But after a while they really seemed to improve quite a bit. Obviously I don't like them as much as I do my Grados, but I do use them quite often with music and games and am not disappointed.
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