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X-Cans sound leakage with pot

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Some people have mentioned a problem with sound leakage in one channel with the volume pot turned all the way down. I never noticed this problem. After moving from my apartment back home for a few days, I now notice this sound leakage. This leads me to believe it's a power issue (the only thing different is the socket I'm plugging the unit into). Has anyone else experimented with different power supplies/conditioners and noticed a difference?
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I believe it is quite common for cheaper pots to have a channel imbalance at low levels. Some of the panasonic pots I used for DIY stuff mistracked at low volumes. I think it's probably not related to power. Perhaps you just did not notice it previously. Does this occur in normal listening volumes as well?
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The problem does not occur during normal listening. I specifically listened for the problem before since others have mentioned it, but I did not notice it. The problem may not be power related, but that's the only thing I can think of that has changed. I seem to remember someone writing in a review that the x-psu got rid of the problem.
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A review on this page talks about how upgrading to the x-psu got rid of balance problems.
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My x-cans still away so cant comment. I am using a Powerkord from Russ andrews in the x-psu and that didnt make much difference to the prob!

However I have just ordered the distrubution block to end all distrubtion blocks!! (unless Jude knows different?!) and will be able to check on the power socket theory.

To be honest it isnt THAT much of a big thing to me. No-one I know listens at that level any way so why the fuss?
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