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Good Earbuds Under $50?

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I was thinking about getting these Sony MDR-EX71SL:
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I've seen them selling for $30 over at MiniDisco.com.............Great buy!
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I was too; decided on the Panasonic HJE50s, though, because while apparently very similar (you can switch the covers around on the things), the Panasonic has balanced sound. Cheaper, too.
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i'll throw in the usual MD33 recommendation.
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Wouldn't be head-fi without it.
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I have both the EX71s and the MD33s. I got the EX71s from PCMALL for about $33 with free shipping. The price is now $32 plus shipping. I just got a pair of MD33s and I really like them. I listen to a lot of audio books and the clarity of the MD33s is very welcome. The only problem with the MD33s is the four pole design which necessitates the use of the 4 pole to 3 pole extension cord. But I found that the simple Radio Shack volume control cord (12 inch long) will convert the four pole to three pole.
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I like the Sony MDR-EX300, which you can get refurbished on ebay for about 20

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