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A GREAT place to buy headphones

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I recently ordered a pair of Grado 325s from a place called Listening Station (www.goodcans.com). The service that I received was so good, that I felt the need to write this post to let other people know about them. At first I was not sure exactly which headphones to purchase. I emailed GoodCans.com and asked a number of questions about different Grado models and received a quick reply. The response was from a gentleman named Bill Keyser. I must say that I am usually wary to take advice from someone who is trying to sell me something, but it was clear that Bill was not trying to push his most expensive headphones on me. He gave me a great recommendation that would suit my needs (and setup). So, after much thought I decided to go ahead and order the 325s … the free shipping and free headphone-carrying bag was a nice touch. While I was ordering the 325s I also ordered the plug adapter. When the package arrived to my house, I saw that there was an adapter but not the Grado adapter. I then read the included receipt and found out that they were out of the Grado adapter so he included another adapter (a high quality one I might add) free of charge and would mail out the other adapter when it arrived. After I unpacked the 325s I slapped them on and could tell immediately that these were going to be the headphones for me … they sounded great to my ears. But, upon close inspection of the 325s, I noticed that there were small scratches on the metal housing (it was easy to tell that these scratches were more then likely caused by the machining process of the parts). While I know that it is the sound that matters, I am a bit of a perfectionist and knew that the scratches would eat away at me =) So, I again contacted Bill and told him about my situation. He said to send the headphones back and he would ship out another pair ASAP and make sure that the new pair did not posses these scratches (they should arrive any day now). I want to add that I have talked to other people who have 325s and have these scratches on the metal chambers so it is not uncommon. I must say that it has been absolutely great dealing with Listening Station. I have bought a number of things over the Internet and rarely do I get service that is even half as good as what I received from Bill. Usually it is a complete nightmare to deal with on-line retailers. So, if you are looking for a pair of headphones, don’t hesitate to contact these guys!
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It's great to hear that you had a good experience, Bob.

Enjoy your cans...
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Its great to hear about when a company goes the extra mile for its customers!
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Yep, it certainly gives one that warm fuzzy feeling that just makes you want to keep throwing your green backs at them

- pearle
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Heh, my first reaction was that... you were asked to post such a review... well I read further and that's probably not the case.

Nice to know companies are doing this.

Headroom too, is a good place to buy from.
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Watch out Tyll, Headroom has competition
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My first cans were the Grado SR-80 (since sold sniff- sniff, but replaced with 325s he-he-he) bought from Bill Keyser after many recommendations from Headwizers for entry-level cans. Great guy and great service, though he and his company seem partial to Grados.

I had a hand written note signed by him saying thank you and to enjoy the music!

Regards - reynman
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I gotta admit, they answer their e-mails in record time.
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I ordered my SR-225's from Bill Keyser and he was incredibly helpful and nice. I agree with the sentiment of how good that place is.
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reynman - of course he's partial to Grado's, but he also says that on his site too, so it all works out

but yes, goodcans.com is a great site... I didn't buy my 125's from there, but I did order a 1/4" to 1/8" Grado adaptor from them which I remember getting to me waaay faster than I had expected - and it also came in a nifty little bag. I liked their service so much I went ahead and ordered the Creek OBH-11 from them... but unfortunately, they are temporarily out of stock... but check this out...

Thanks for your order! We have temporarily run out of stock on the Creek amp. Our restocking order from Creek was placed late last week, so we expect shipment any day now, (we delayed this response to you hoping they would arrive today). We will contact Creek on Monday to verify the exact shipping day and update you at that time, hopefully with a notice that your order is about to ship.

-- Bill Keyser
man, I just love it when companies don't bs around and actually tell me what's going on -- especially when you didn't make the call. And that "delayed response" wasn't very delayed in my opinion, considering I placed my order in the morning and got to the email after I got home from work.
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If you're paying retail....

....then you BETTER be getting such service... You had a great experience - which is awesome, but all I'm saying is that you get what you pay for, and you did pay for it..
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It's a shame more companies don't do better business like that though... ohhh well.
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