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Tomcat: You are absolutely right. Creating a credible illusion is what audio reproduction is all about. But there's a difference between illusion and delusion.

I have no doubt that certain cables can and do sound different to some degree. But I also believe that these "obvious" differences, if they do exist, can be explained in scientific terms.

I also have no doubt that the people who claim to notice immediate and dramatic changes in "tightness and depth of bass" or "width of soundstage" or "lack of grain in the high frequencies" or "hear things they never heard before" are really hearing these things.

It's whether or not what they are hearing is real, or a manifistation caused by one, some, or all of several different reasons. Things like having a preconceived idea of what they "should" be hearing. Things like peer pressure. Things like short sonic memories. Things like imaginations.

"Whatever turns you on " is my motto. If a person believes he's closer to sonic perfection by adding a particular cable to his system.....more power to him. The "illusion" you speak of, has to them, become more real. That's a good thing.
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"Tara-ist. Kimberanity. Cardasism.

Though there are differences, all seem to have a fundamental disagreement with...


LOL.....and don't forget Jude-ism.....the belief in everything.
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mbriant said...

LOL.....and don't forget Jude-ism.....the belief in everything.
Hehe... although I think Clou-ism might have a bone to pick w/ Jude-ism...
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