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My Amp: A Review

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Sorry about the title....but I am in quite a chirpy mood...

I'm posting a really short, first impressions, review, right now. The amp is a Cmoy Apheared "47", in a Penguin Caffeinated (!) Mint tin, assembled by JMT.

First, I really must say - it was a pleasure dealing with JMT. He is a true gentleman. I am extremely pleased to enter the world of audiophiles, formally, with help from someone of his caliber. JMT - do you any more compliments?

Anyway, so far, the amp fixes the mids on the KSC-35. I have always felt the mids were a little distant on them, and for that reason, i prefered my 888s to them.

The 888s, quite frankly, have a phenomenal mid-range...

And the KSC-35s beat them now. Powered well with a decent (I hope!) source, the Sony D-121's line out, they come alive. The presentation is pleasantly recessed - i don't feel i'm on the stage, but I sure don't miss that. Lively, yet not fatiguing.


I think the amp gives body to the sound, provides power (lol!), and sounds airy.......at least, makes my KSC-35s seem "airy"...
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Congratulations on your Penguin, coolvij! It's an amzing little amp, not only for KSC-35s, but for just about anything out there. You now will be able to understand why, after hearing headphones with a good amp, it's pretty hard to go back to the standard headphone jack. The music just seems to "come alive." I'm happy you're pleased with your acquisition. Now put on some Miles and enjoy!
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I really gotta get me on of these candy-box amps!
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joelongwood: Actually, i put on some Coltrane

jerikl: Think about it - Penguin Mint Box vs. Airhead casing. I don't even think that the Airhead has a chance!
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Whos is this mysterious JMT, and how much money do I have to give him to assemble the amp for me? Thanks...
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Hmmmm, I do not believe I have ever been described as mysterious before. Strange yes, but never mysterious. I think I like that, sort of James Bondish.....
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double-oh-47, with the licence to solder...

Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll think of something better next time


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redwood - that's not THAT bad (key word, THAT). I mean, these are cmoy aphearead 47s everyone luvs, including me...
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JMT - Do you have a growing lifetime supply of Penguin and Altoid mints at home? I'd like to see a picture of that.
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