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car adapters.

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Heres the deal, my old car tape adaptor for playing portable cd's went on the fritz. It kept reversing all the time, even while music was playing. MOST annoying. It does it in my car (89 accord) my friends truck (ford ranger) and my dads car (2000 volvo). So i doubt that it would be the radio's.

The old adaptor was a sony thing, i am wondering if anyone can recommend a good one that has been working for them. Also i would need a place to buy it from if you know of a place.

thanks in advance.
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I've had 2 of the Sony ones break on me. I had a Kenwood that worked good but there cd players kept breaking on me.

That's all I can tell you. I'm gonna try the cheapy Radioshack one cuz i really hate driving my moms car without music
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