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A Review On: Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

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Pros: 99rmb in China (thats only $17 dollars!). Superb soundstage, strong bass, mids and treble. Great mic, nice design and packaging.

Cons: None yet after 3 weeks

I live in China and have built up a collection of mostly local brand headphones:  Astrotec AM90 and AM800, Soundmagic E10, Ecci PR200, Dunu Hades, several different DIY Yuins and (Korean manufactured) Feels Pro 900.   I ordered the Xiaomi earphones recently without much expectations - the brand is well established in China and the phones are pretty good but they have no previous hifi experience that I am aware of.  After a couple of weeks of using them I can honestly say that they are the best of all the pairs I use - I previous leaned towards the AM800 or the Feels Pro900 but I prefer the Xiaomi's sound to any other options (with the possible exception of the Yuins in a quiet environment!).  They have a really wide soundstage, punchy bass but really good separation across the board. As you can tell from my favourite earphones I'm not a big bass guy but love how these sound bassy but balanced) . As a bonus I've also found the mic really clear and the controls simple to use.  If you can pick up a pair for $20 or so I highly recommend giving them a try. 


I've been using this site for a couple of years but never felt the need to write anything before, there has always better written and more expert reviews available. Actually thatbeatsguy wrote a great reveiw of the Xiaomis which inspired mine. Hopefully this will inspire more and better review the Xiaomis :)


Neat review. Nice and simple. 
Thanks for the cred meng...never expected my review spawning a lot of other people buying the Pistons...and now this. Thanks a bunch!
Maxiao, can you compare them to original Xiaomi Pistons?
I have the silver version.
Where is the mic placed?
Ivo001: I haven't used the original headphones, sorry!  
The mic is located between the volume controls, you can see it here:  http://mcaf.ee/67gha
Guys, tell me please. Earphones painted gold is a 2.0 version and with silver paint - 1.0?
@Arnej Yes, the gold set is the new updated version. However i'm not sure if they are painted. I think the golds are, but the silver might just been silver because of the aluminium.
@Arnej Gold ones are 2.0, they have vents whereas the 1.0 SIlver ones were closed. I havent tried the 1.0 Silver ones but as I understand they have made significant improvements to the sound quality.
Thank you guys! 
I have both Pistons. The new Piston has better SQ. They are similar, but the newer one is more clear.
Beware of fakes! The fakes sound terrible, and are usually being sold for less than $18.
http://www.head-fi.org/u/371254/bhazard !  Your post on Chinese brand headphones is phenomenal:
Recommended (but potentially expensive) reading to anyone with a Taobao account :) 
I bought these based on the Chinese brand info thread. utter bargain. I'm in GZ, whereabouts are you?
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