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Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301 Reviews

Positive Reviews


The ultimate earphone under $20. The perfect way to give the gift of Head-Fi.


Pros: Great sound. Great looks. A rock-bottom price.

Cons: Durability *could* be better.

Disclaimer     Please note that I am not affiliated with Xiaomi in any way, though you could consider me an "endorser" of this product.  I was neither paid nor given a review sample by Xiaomi; this pair was purchased personally. Also, do take note that most of the review is my personal opinion, and it should be treated as such; also, the impressions from this review can and will change, so please take this review with a grain of salt.  Intro     My, how time flies. I’ve spent almost an entire year on Head-Fi, and I have to say, I’ve learned a lot. Much to my dismay (and to the joy of my wallet), I’ve suppressed many urges to purchase more pairs of headphones – though, admittedly, it was...
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Big Performance For Only $25

Introduction – So a few weeks into my search and discovery of budget-based earphones has led me here - to the Xiaomi Piston 2.1. The Pistons are the result of the popular Chinese smartphone manufacture’s efforts to produce an inexpensive high performance earphone that competes well with higher-end audio gear. At only $25 the Pistons fall within the “budget” category for most people but whether they perform well enough to justify their price is another question. And for those wondering if they do… the short answer is yes, they do, and they do it well. I’ll explain throughout my review what makes the Pistons such a good value proposition and a great starting point for amateur enthusiasts. ...
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Best Sound Quality for the Price


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, Android Compatibility, Chocolate Smell

Full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/717620/review-xiaomi-piston-2-re-defining-budget-fi       Specs: Weight: 12g Impedance: 12Ω-16Ω (depending on the version, 2.0 vs 2.1) Cable length: 1.2m Sensitivity: 93db Plug Type: 3.5mm  gold-plate Rated Power: 5-20mW Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz   I've got my pair from Xiaomiworld, and it's an original one. It seems mine is the 2.0 version, but it was shipped by the end of January, so the ones sold now should be the seemingly newer 2.1 version. They also carry the newer IF version. Anyway, this seller carries the real one, so no need to worry about fake pairs. Their service and communication is pretty...
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Negative Reviews


Just don't buy


Cons: Limited acoustic. Small sound size. Treble quality and detail level are below average. Even the bass is not complete

i know you already saw all the threads, reviews, comments speaking about the sweetness and cheapness of this earphone (eartrash actually). i also know that there's a common talk about it's fakes, which makes you feel like if you can get the genuine one, it's going to be the perfect earphone of the stars... there's also a talk about it's "beryllium" that you don't even know what it means. i know all of that makes you wonder this item more and more...   i know you want all of this turn out to be true... you want a cheap earphone that beats the rest of them. but for this particular earphone, all i'm going to say is: just don't buy this. don't spend your bucks for nothing... the...
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Pros: Nice looking design

Cons: Very uncomfortable, Weak Sound

I purchased these after seeing the price and good reviews. I got the updated version (so called 2.1)   These headphones do not sound nearly as good as claimed. The bass is decent but the highs are too high and the mids seem to be lacking. Overall the sound is weak.   The design looks nice and the quality and finish is good but the sharp edges of the body dig into my ears. The earphones become unwearable after 20-30 mins.
Samueru Sama



Pros: Deep Bass, Good Value, Build Quality. Smell like gum? xD

Cons: Highs, sibilances. Mids

I had very good expectations on these, after reading all the good reviews and even seen people comparing these with 80$ or 100$ IEMs.   Well, when I finaly got them, (By the way I received them on my birthday) I was so happy, then I open the box and I was like a little kid with his toy. xD   Then I looked at them, they have a very good build quality even the cable looks sturdy. So everything was good Until I heard them. Well, I dont like to say this, but they sounded really bad at the first time, so I knew about "Burn In" and I didn't lose all the hope, so I left them more than 4 days with Pink Noise at average volumen. When I Finished the Burn In, Lets say how they sound...
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More Reviews


outstanding budget headphones


Pros: 99rmb in China (thats only $17 dollars!). Superb soundstage, strong bass, mids and treble. Great mic, nice design and packaging.

Cons: None yet after 3 weeks

I live in China and have built up a collection of mostly local brand headphones:  Astrotec AM90 and AM800, Soundmagic E10, Ecci PR200, Dunu Hades, several different DIY Yuins and (Korean manufactured) Feels Pro 900.   I ordered the Xiaomi earphones recently without much expectations - the brand is well established in China and the phones are pretty good but they have no previous hifi experience that I am aware of.  After a couple of weeks of using them I can honestly say that they are the best of all the pairs I use - I previous leaned towards the AM800 or the Feels Pro900 but I prefer the Xiaomi's sound to any other options (with the possible exception of...
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Astounding Headphones With An Irresistible Sleek Design - Your Ears Won't Believe What They're Hearing (And Your Eyes Won't Believe The Price)


Pros: The Smell (Chocolate) - The Design (Gorgeous) - The Sound (Breathtaking) - The Materials (Beryllium Is As Cool As It Sounds) - The Box (Simplicity)

Cons: Insignificant In Comparison = The Volume Controls (Do Not Yet Support iPhone And Are Located Too Low) - The Cord (A Tad Too Short And Not As Stylish)

The first thing you are going to notice about your Pistons, is that these babies are absolutely gorgeous. I'm not talking about that these headphones simply look nice (although they do) - they are, without a doubt, the most beautiful headphones I have ever had the distinct pleasure to rest my eyes upon (regardless of price group). This extends far beyond the actual headphones themselves - the box is a design-marvel all on its own. Crafted out of a single sheet of thin cardboard, this - surprisingly small - box is equipped with all the instructions you could possibly crave for your new Xiaomi Pistons, and - more importantly - they also include the exquisite box that will - hopefully -...
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Well worth its price


Pros: Sound quality, Price, Works very well with Android

Cons: Rather small soundstage and slightly overpowered bass, top portion of wire not braided

Note:   I bought these off mi.com, which is the official site for Xiaomi. However, it is only available for certain countries and hence the price is much cheaper for me. So obviously this product is not a fake and I get a white box with an English manual.   New account so can't post pics yet though.     The Review      Design   When you do get the box you will find your earphones wrapped around a piece of chocolate-smelling rubber, which doubles as a carrying case for your earphones. The simplicity of the box is unbelievable and much better than your average plastic retail packaging.    There are supposedly Kevlar fibres...
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Pros: Everything.

Cons: Tons of counterfeits floating around. DO NOT judge this unless you have the real deal!

To reiterate what others have been saying this pair of earphones: The overall sound quality is astounding, the soundstage and separation is phenomenal, the build quality and packaging is world class. It even has a integrated mic and volume controls to supplement your phone!    I liked them SO much I have 3 pairs of them as backups just in case Xiaomi discontinues them. It is THAT good.    Just like any in-ears YMMV with the sound isolation and tip comfort, but this is a USD $20 piece of equipment to cry out loud. You simply cannot go wrong unless of course if you bought fakes which unfortunately are everywhere on the net.    If you have read...
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Amazing Budget Headphones - Best I Have Had.


Pros: Everything; design, sound, box, tangle free cord, smells like chocolate.

Cons: If something; the comfort. Probably due to my tiny experience with in-ear.

Okay, a great review from thatbeatsguy convinced me to buy these headphones, and I don't regret that I did. I received them earlier today and been playing different kind of music since.  This is going to be a short review, just to confirm that the earlier reviews are absolutely correct. The headphones are amazing. The sound is extremely clean and crisp, you are easily able to distinguish the different instruments and vocals. The bas is great and the sound level is pleasing. A big plus is the chocolate, or coco, smell on the headphones. Don't know why or how, but it smells good! The box is packed by a design company, which has resulted in a good looking,...
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Excellent V shaped bassy sound with beautiful soundstage and surprisingly clear mids and highs. Addictive sound signature.


Pros: Beautifully articulated, fun and lively sound, punchy bass that doesn't kill the mids, good sturdy construction, EXCELLENT quality price ratio

Cons: Sound could be even more clearer, cord can be problematic with velcro clothes, sound better with non included ear tips

Well, I read alot of enthusiast reviews about Pistons 2.0 before going for a purchase, and to be honnest, I was of the sceptikal kind. I was wrong. This earphphones are something specials and this time everybody is going crazy about them for a good reason. First time I plug them in my Ibasso Dx90 player I was blown away by their energic rendering and elegant bassy sound, I was listening to the electronic artist Ametsub and this very detailed IDM music sound fabulous. In fact, the Pistons are very well suited for electronic and beat driven music, the punchy bass is well rounded and high and treble make details sparkle. Mids frequencies are less recessed than lot of other V shaped...
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Nothing is Perfect


Pros: Durable

I had countless of sony ear buds since its incarnation, as they don't last for more than 1.5 yrs. i will have to replace them yearly. I owned Mi 3 and thats how i got to know more about xiaomi brand. For the cheap launch price of less than 20 sgd with voucher, i say why not

Unbeatable Bang for the Buck


Pros: Build quality, overall SQ

Cons: Straight jack, microphonics

For the price, the sound quality is truly unbelievable. You won't really believe it till you try it. I've been using cheap IEMs for years now and run a wide gamut of brands in the process. I've had the Meelectronics M6 and M9, Skullcandy Ink'd, Sennheiser CX400, Ultimate Ear 500, Samsung headphones included with my Galaxy S3, and Sennheiser CX-685i. This easily blows them all out of water. I thought the Ultimate Ears 500 was as good as it got at this price point, especially for a dynamic driver, but they're not even comparable. I really can't recommend any other pair of budget headphones anymore with this on the market. They sound good from pretty much any source as well and they're easy...
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