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Woo Audio WA6 Reviews


Great, with the right tubes.


Pros: Fun to play with, deep tube sound, quiet, excellent construction

Cons: Hunting down the right tubes is expensive!

I'm a relative newbie to the headphone game.   My reference system (at the time of writing) is a Burson 160D, and having a good reference is essential when you're comparing tubes.     My reference headphone (at the time of writing) is the Sennheiser HD 650, which are known for their veil until you put great amplification with them.  I also own UERMs, which aren't appropriate for this type of listening analysis.    First out of the box I was quite unimpressed.  The soundstage was decent, but not exactly impressive.  The bass was muddy and shallow.  More disturbing, is what happened to passages with a lot of reverb.  The decay...
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a tube amp with high performance at a medium price


Pros: sturdy build, good looks, great sound.

Cons: built to order, tube amps can be finicky for some.

the woo wa6 is the single-chassis smaller sibling of the wa6se.  but don't think for a moment that listening to the wa6 you'll be "slumming it".  not at all.  because, the wa6 is, quite simply, a wonderful amp.    from the tank-like build quality, to the sexy anodized brushed aluminum finish, to the amp topology, everything is top notch.  and the sound is great in all areas.   frankly, i can't believe i'm the first to jot down a review of this popular amp.  i'm sure others will follow.  

Good basic tube amp


Pros: Soundstage & imaging

Cons: Slow impulse response, limited treble extension, low bass quantity

Intro This mini-review was originally posted on another forum in November 2008. Cross-posting it here for the Head-Fi archives. Other than this intro, the mini-review below is posted in its entirety as originally written - nothing was modified or updated. This was an accelerated mini-review - all listening was done over only 4 days. The amp was received as a loaner from another local Head-Fi member for that time. Associated Equipment Power cord: Black Sand Silver Reference MKV Digital source: Plinius CD-101 RCA interconnects: Analysis Plus Silver Oval Comparison amplifier: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite (used only as a reference point of contrast) Headphones: AKG K701 (re-cabled...
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Not as Warm as i though..


Pros: Beautifully build, works great with my HD650

Cons: kinda expensive maybe..

Bought it with an upgrade caps, cables, and extra tube :P,   this amp works wonderfully with my HD650, and able to make my earpod sounds wow also hahaa... the nature of this amp, allows to bring a great potential of gear, even though i never tried any other tube amp, i could say that this amp sounds so natural and quiet energetic i think and doesn't sounds tubey at all,   The build quality of this amp is also wonderful, as it was made from pure alumunium with a hairline finishing give a premium finish, even though i believe this amp won't survive if was accidentally drop hehe..   a little pic:

An extremely versitle transformer coupled tube amp.


Pros: Can drive a wide range of headphones low and high impedance cans and even IEMS (lack of noise) Excellent build quality, Looks, Tube Rolling

Cons: Price to performance ratio not the best. Rectifier upgrade is a must to get absolute best performance which adds to the initial cost.

The Woo Audio 6 is a transformer coupled tube amp that is extremely versatile and can pretty much drive pretty much anything you throw at it. It has a quiet enough background to drive IEMS and low impedance cans with no to minimal noise and high impedance cans such as the ones from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. It also can drive orthos although power may be lacking as it only outputs a maximum of 500mw with the stock 6de7 drive tubes. Although not ideal you should be fine driving the new modern more efficient orthodynamic headphones such as from Audeze although keep away from overly inefficient orthos He-6 He-500. Warm sound not rolled off in the slightest however smoother then your...
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WA6 with GZ34


Pros: Very open and accurate sounding, with no hard edges.

Cons: Needed an expensive tube upgrade for ultimate performance.

Price in review summary includes the tube upgrade.   This is a pretty limited comparison. I relied on the reviews of others before deciding to try a Mullard/Holland GZ34 in place of my stock Sovtek 5U4G in my stock Woo Audio WA6. (I should have noted the name of the Head-Fi.org: Headphones, iPod earphones, portable audio, MP3 players, high-end audio member that compared about eight rectifier and came up with the GZ34. Buddy, whoever you are, I owe you a beer. Well, I'm amazed that an amp that I loved so much could be improved so much. The new cryro'd GZ34 set me back $250, but it's worth every penny. The Sovtek is a sexy, voluptuous looking tube, with large size and nice curves,...
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WA6 Best value on Tube headpone amps


Pros: Everything

Cons: none

Best value outhere when you are looking for First class sound, Construction, Service, Reliability, Versatility, and much more. You can fine tune this amp with different tube rolling option to mach you headphones, cables , source, very versitile. and it sounds great what else can I say.
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