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VSONIC VSD3S Black High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #99 in Universal Fit


Pros: sexy design, removable cables, great sound quality

Cons: proprietary mmcx connector

This is a review of VSonic VSD3S in-ear headphones.


*** As a Disclaimer I would like to mention the following.  Often in my reviews I provide manufacture link if it's available, where unfortunately VSonic doesn't have one yet.  I also get questions where to buy it.  When it comes to budget headphones from Asia, it's not an easy task because of an incredible amount of fake products.  Even on Amazon next to a trusted source, other shady sellers add their listing and people don't pay attention on what they click while looking for the "cheapest" deal.  In my recent review of Pistons 2 headphones, I had people contacting me saying "the one we got sounds nothing like what you reviewed" when we bought it from Amazon, which turned out later to be a fake version.  The bottom line, I will provide you with a link from where I got my review unit, and I can speak with guarantee about that source and its genuine quality.  For VSonic VSD3S it's Zhengnan shop http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LS6V3EM ***


As my recent reviews of sub $100 headphones indicated, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a high quality sound.  But one thing that's lacking with a number of these budget headphones is a design and a build quality.  I don't think it's even a matter of cutting corners, but rather a matter of setting a priority where some companies put sound quality ahead of the design details.  This becomes evident in designs with bland cylindrical or other exotic shapes that look good in photoshopped pictures but hurt your ears when you put these in.  And when you think of the weakest point in a design, the wire attachment to headphones where it breaks first, removable cables is often an option found in more expensive models.  That is why it's a rare combination to have a headphone in sub $60 price range with a great design ergonomics and removable cable.  If you add a fine tuned sound on top of it, you are looking at the new VSonic VSD3S model I would like to share with you about in my review.


Arrived in a compact box, it wasn't too flashy but still had a nice top display presentation to reveal these VSD3S beauties.  VSonic announced release of two VSD models, "3S" available now and "3" to follow soon (most likely already available at the moment of me writing this review).  Everywhere on the box you will find a reference to VSD-3, and there is only a small sticker in the corner of plastic top display with "VSD3S" label.  Another interesting detail, while most of the other vendors like to put specs on the back of the package, here VSonic presented a picture of professional recording studio with additional description to reinforce their philosophy of "tone quality" being the most important aspect of their design.  I will talk more about the sound later in my review, but as a teaser - these don't disappoint!!!


Out of the box, you can't help but notice the shape of VSD3S earpieces.  These are designed for over-the-ear wire fitment with a shape which resembles easy-fit ergonomics found in flagship models of Shure and Westone.  To distinguish themselves, beside a tinted translucent finish, the outside of the housing surface has a unique diamond cut facets design.  To take it to the next level, VSonic also included detachable cables using MMCX connector.  Before you get too excited, unfortunately it doesn't have a common MMCX design but rather a modified version of it.  Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about throwing your headphones away if you break the wire, and VSonic already working on replacement cables where I hope an option with in-line remote will be offered as well.  If not, I'm sure we are going to see it from other after-market places, like lunashops.  


The cable itself has quality OFC wires and a nice soft translucent jacket.  Cables are easy to manage and wrap without being springy or having a memory effect which comes handy for behind the ear fitment where together with a chin slider adjustment I didn't need to use ear-hook guides.  But those guides are still included as part of the accessories package.  In addition to those, you also get a generous selection of eartips with S/M/L silicone tips, a pair of double-flange tips, and a pair of soft foam tips similar to Comply but softer.  Also, they included a velvet draw-string storage pouch.  Furthermore, the translucent theme is carried over to a chin slider piece, y-splitter, and even a clear strain relief of the straight slim 3.5mm jack.


As I mentioned before, VSonic was very clear about importance of sound quality in their headphones.  The main sound signature is definitely a balanced bright full body sound with a nice separation/layering.  Starting with a bass, I wouldn't call these a bass monsters, but they have a great low end extension and clear separation of rich sub-bass texture and rounded (not as aggressive) mid-bass punch.  Bass is very articulate and well controlled without spilling into lower mids.  Mids sound bright and detailed.  Along with a crisp extended treble in some songs it could get closer to sibilance level, but never crossed that threshold and was always easy on my ears for extended listening period.  I do have to mention this upper mids brightness adds a little artificial quality to vocals, but it's just a matter of personal taste.  The soundstage of VSD3S is wider than average and has a nice depth to it with a decent imaging.  VSD3S was very easy to drive from any source I tested, and I actually found it to be forgiving playing some of my lesser quality mp3s.  No microphonics effect was detected either.


Overall, I think VSonic raised a bar to another level with their new VSD3S release where they paid as much attention to a sound quality as to a design details borrowing popular elements previously found in more expensive headphones.  Everything from a comfortable earpiece fitment to removable cables (though, proprietary connector), and a great balanced sound with a rich detailed bass and clear bright mids/treble is an indication of a hard work put into this release.  Of course, we all have our own sound preferences and some might want to tame down brightness or to boost mid-bass quantity, but if you are dealing with a poor fitment design and stuck with low quality attached cables - nothing could be adjusted to fix that.  Here, you have a great in-ear fitment and flexibility of removable cables to extend longevity of these headphones.  I'm sure VSD3 model will have a slightly different sound signature, and I'm looking forward to review it as well, but at the current moment VSD3S will hit a sweet spot with a lot of people who value a quality sound and want to have headphones that look as good as they sound!


Here are the pictures.


















Pros: Nice Form factor, detachable cables, precise bass response, affordable price, balanced sound without been boring

Cons: Somewhat unnatural sound

This is a work in progress, everytime I listen to them with a different source, there's always something new emerging and changing the overall perspective someway. 


Sources used: Macbook Pro, iphone 4s, Fiio e10, Schiit Magni, 

This is a personal Unit: Bought at LMUE during pre-sale

Burn-in time: I don’t believe in huge differences, but in order to avoid a debate, I’ve been using it extensively before posting this.

Some songs I used: (320kbps and some of them are lossless)

Pistol Shrimp - Heart (RoboCLIP Remix)

Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)
Saux - Fortunate (feat. Timantti)
Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart
Our Mother - Lion OS X
The Maneken - Обратный Билет
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Joe Satriani - Always Me Always you.

Presidente - Live Sushi

Sarah Jarosz -  Annabelle Lee
Hayajan - Fish Majal
Beirut - Nantes
Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

There’s a few things I would like to write first.


Shure came democratizing (ughh socialism) detachable cables for budget friendly IEMs and I'm happy to see other manufacturers following the tendency.

I broke many cables in the past, most of them on my daily commute. I remember when I broke my lovely Fischer Audio I bought in Russia: I was so mad that I couldn’t just replace the cable and keep using them... Some people claim it makes no sense doing it when a cable cost almost the same as the headphones, but from a manufacturing standpoint, the most common source of problems are cables. So instead of replacing units they can just send you a new cable or blaming you for negligence leaving up to you to buy a new IEM or buy a replacement cable. In any case, it's a good thing considering planned obsolescence and all wasted resources: A conscious movement and should be praised.

About the VSD3S


Build quality:

The Vsonic come inside a small but nice package, the earpieces look sturdy especially the nozzles, form factor is astonishing, the cable is similar to the Vsonic GR06 , the detachable cable is a bit flimsy and I can't comment about durability right now but I haven't seen anything better within this price bracket. Time will tell but again, it does look pretty nice and better than the competition. I advice you all to get a hard case for your IEMs.
I noticed one of the connectors wasn't rotating when I was "installing" the ear hooks, it wasn't properly inserted and the sound kept coming without issues. I'm really surprised regarding the vsonic connectors against the Shure mmcx. The shures even completely inserted and cleaned (not often) gave me some troubles. I hope vsonic keep pushing these connectors and to be able to find more cable options in the future.



Comfort is a very personal thing. The Shure se215 were far from ideal for my ear canal despite the fact that I love the over/behind the ear fit, the Westone are extremely comfortable but not entirely perfect and I don’t feel comfortable taking an expensive IEM out all the time with me (call me paranoid). The VSD3S on the other hand are perfect for my ears. At least the first and subsequent impressions exceeded my expectations. Because I know how picky I am with tips (I have a bag full of them for that matter) I was so surprised to put them on and immediately get a wonderful seal and feel.



I'm not a strong supporter of burn-in but these ones improved a bit with time (I still claim it's more a psychological thing) but still. 

The overall impression is good, the bass response is somewhat similar to the W4R, powerful without been annoying or distracting. I think that’s the best area of the vsd3s. Regarding the mids I don’t hear anything wrong (maybe balanced should be a good way to put it) mids are not overpowering anything and they are not trying to been the center of the stage.
The clawhammer in Saraz Jarosz - Annabelle Lee, raised my concerns about the tonality and put the vsd3s treble under the lights. Artificial is a bold and unfair statement for this IEM, however this is not a completely natural sounding headphone, at least not the upper treble region. Some people might disagree but the sibilance some head-fiers reported is IMO the unnatural treble response.

Update: I'm using the vsd3s with medium Sony hybrid tips I got with my xba3. They're a bit shorter than the stock ones and the vsd3s now rest a bit farther from the eardrum (I can only assume the not so deep insertion allow high frequencies to run smoothly inside my ear canal and the results are really pleasant: Treble tamed and good isolation without been disturbingly uncomfortable.


The sound started to grow on me because of the perfect fit and I think I can live with such a minor issue.

To put an analogy is a like a teenager dressed like a grown-up man: Clothes don't look bad on him but there's something awkward about the whole combination without been scandalous. It is a bad thing? Not at all, it's just not fair. 


If you ask me: I would definitely recommend the Vsonic without a doubt. There's still room for improvement but I think Vsonic made an excellent job creating a good looking and decent sounding IEM for a good price.






VSONIC VSD3S Black High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones

Here is the latest product from Vsonic, VSD3s sound isolating In-Ear-Monitor. You'd fall in love with it at first sight, and amazed by the high quality sound flow through. Features Diamond-cutting IEM structure Diamond-cutting & Transparent Appearance Detachable cables As usual, balanced, detailed sound Vsonic famous for Specifications Frequency:5 Hz-31.5 kHz Impedance:40 Ω Sensitivity:≥108 dB Maximum Input:30 mW Cord length:1.3 m Plug Size:3.5 mm Driver Units:Dynamic New in Package 1 VSONIC VSD3S Earphones 5 pairs of eartips 1 x soft case 1 pair of ear guides

FeatureVSONIC VSD3S High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones Diamond-cutting IEM structure Diamond-cutting & Transparent Appearance Detachable cables As usual, balanced, detailed sound Vsonic famous for
TitleVSONIC VSD3S Black High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones
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