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VSONIC GR07 Reviews


Just excellent


Pros: Very well balanced and very precise sound, no major flaws, adjustable nozzle angle

Cons: Slightly springy cable, over-the-ear only, sibilant/presence boosted with certain tips, slightly warm, could have more highest end

VSonic GR07 is a great example of IEM strong because it has few flaws and almost all of these are possible to correct with a good equalizer. Bass is perfectly controlled, excellent texture, very well extended (-6 dB at 30 Hz with perfect seal), perhaps a bit warm due to high-bass boost (~250 Hz). No bass bleed is present. Mids can be slightly forward to slightly laid back depending on tips and depth of fit. Highs... here's the issue. With shallow insertion, there can be a fair amount of lower highs boost, around 6kHz, which combined with some highest end peaks can sound sibilant. Using foam tips helps with this, deep insertion completely removes this issue. GR07 don't have a lot...
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Top-tier sound for mid-tier price


Pros: Highly detailed, neutral, goes well with whatever you throw at it

Cons: Can be sibilant (requires 100+ hours of burn in), springy cable, unhelpful strain reliefs.

These are amazing IEMs for the price. It is a balanced IEM and isnt lacking across the spectrum. They can handle pretty much every genre you put through these. The bass on these is excellent, it rumbles down deep, while being very quick and tight. But the main thing which I love about the bass on these is the 'weight'. When the track calls for it these really do move a whole lot of air and slam it against your ear drums. As for the midrage, I would say it is neutral, but on some tracks the mids are somewhat warm. With that said.. I'm not sure if the mids are actually warm, or the IEM is just neutral and reproducing warm mids... The vocals on these are amazing as well. It is very...
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even steven


Pros: fit, value

Cons: a little plain sounding

these are nicely made and sound nice. They definitely put their sound signature stamp all over my record collection which is odd because they are fairly neutral in many respects. I feel it's somewhere in the dynamics and/or presentation that they add their unwanted stamp. For their designed purpose, on stage, I say these are spectacular and well made, but for casual and relaxed listening, they did not excite me enough to warrant further listening. But definitely worth a try considering they are reasonable priced, and measure well. give 'em a go and see if the vsonic sound stamp is 'for you'

worth the price


Pros: sound stage,

Cons: sibilance

they're pretty nice. does what I need them to do for a decent price. 

The Best of Sub-$200 iems world


Pros: Wonderful bass, super transparent, good and accurate soundstage and detailed, adjustable-angle nozzle, couldnt be better build and p/p

Cons: harsh treble, lack of the hight-mids, a little uncomfortable to long-term wear(angular shape) , a little boring

Update on my 2nd time purchasing the GR07 in March 2013.. ...more about the GR07: warm mids IMHO: Sound: 8/10 (compared to the best iems i have ever had was W4 and Ex1000 10/10) p/p: 10/10

A Great IEM


Pros: Great overall sound, HUGE bang for the buck, nice looking IEM, works well with most set ups

Cons: can be difficult to get an proper insertion (isolation)

For the price somewhere between $150.00 and $180.00 USD, there really isn't many other competition for the price. They really get the job done well. Can get a little stale in sound sometimes but that's really a rare case. These really are great!   Great sense if air in the treble (one of the best I've heard) with great detail and extension (sibilance was not a problem for me personally).   Fairly flat mid range that is true to the recording.   Very quick impact bass (especially for a dynamic driver) that's slightly north of neutral with great extension and accuracy.   Wide soundstage, lacking a bit in height and depth, but again with pretty accurate imaging. ...
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great iems


Pros: not fatiguing at all, sounds great with just about anything, very very relaxing iems

Cons: dont like how you are supposed to wear the wire up and around the ear, and if you wear it straight down its kind of a weird fit.

just wonderful little iems. wish the isolation was a little better, not bad though, just nitpicking. The microphonics are unacceptable, just a light tap on the cable and i can hear it, annoying as crap, but definitely not a deal breaker.



Pros: Great bang for the buck value, balanced sound-signature, very wide sound-stage, good building quality, a lot of included accessories.

Cons: The isolation is only average.

  Prior to the review, I would like to thank VSonic for the review sample.   VSonic is a Chinese IEM company. For years, they've been one of the leading OEM manufacturers in the world, manufacturing for some of the leading audio companies in the world. A few years ago, VSonic had started to develop IEMs to be sold under their own brand name. The flagship, the then called "R07" was developed for more than three years. Today, after its name had been changed to "GR07", I'll be reviewing it.   Before we start, here the technical specification of the VSonic GR07: Driver Type: 11mm CCAW Dynamic w/ Multi-layers Bio-cellulose Frequency Response: 7Hz-30...
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