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Detailed and fun, but severely lacks midrange

A Review On: VOXOA HD Wireless Headphones

VOXOA HD Wireless Headphones

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Pros: Bluetooth range, battery life, soundstage, comfort, lightweight, versatile, comfort

Cons: Lack of midrange, included cable is a bit short

The VOXOA V33X HD Wireless headphones are VOXOA's first foray into the audio world.

These portable headphones feature Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which brings about oodles of features.  

Package - The V33X comes in a nice box. Inside, are the headphones, which are between a few pieces of plastic to keep them in place, and a smaller box that contains the pouch and cables. The presentation is rather simplistic, but it maintains a hint of elegance to it, with its black and white color scheme. 


Images: Package (Click to show)


Accessories - Carrying pouch, USB to Mini USB charging cable, 3.5mm cable for wired use


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Design / Build - The V33X has a relatively simple design. It's made almost entirely out of plastic, except for the rectangles on the backs of the two cups. The plastic feels well-made. Not tank-like durability, but not flimsy in the slightest. The lightweight nature of the headphones also promise that cracks in the plastic are not likely to happen, if the user were to drop the headphones. 

On the left aluminum rectangle is the VOXOA name. On the right is a multi-functional button. This button turns the headphones on and off, and also is the control for device pairing. On the side of the rectangle are buttons that control music and volume. On the front are a pause/play button, a skip track button, and a previous track button. On the back are volume up and down buttons (Note that these buttons actually don't control the phone's volume, but rather the headphone's volume). Also on the right are the ports for charging and for wired use. Yes, the cable goes on the right side. 

Above the rectangle on the right side are the letters 'nfc', for near-field communications.

Above that are the folding hinges. These headphones fold into a very compact form for easy transportation. 

The headband is well-padded and soft. Combined with the lightweightness of the headphoens themselves, there is very little pressure on the head from the headband. 
The earpads are very soft as well. There's only padding around the edges of the cups, actually. The center of the pads is just covered with the pleather.

The 3.5mm cable is thin and a bit too short for me. It just seems like a cheap cable. The strain reliefs on the jacks are stiff, which also says something about the cable's build. Thankfully, though, the cable can easily be replaced. However, considering the fact that the headphones are Bluetooth, I'm not sure how much one might actually be using a cable.
The pouch that comes with the headphones is one of the better pouches that I've felt. It's got a unique texture to it. It feels durable, too.


Images: Various parts of headphone (Click to show)

Comfort - As I said, there is little pressure on the head. The earpads are very soft to the touch. The headphones can be worn for hours at a time easily.

Bluetooth Features - The V33X are among the first headphones to utilize Bluetooth 4.0. What does this mean, though? 

The V33X have the best wireless range that I've ever encountered in a Bluetooth headphone so far. I had my friend wear them around an entire cafeteria (which is pretty large), and he was able to keep a connection the entire time. 

These headphones have a 16-hour battery life, which is pretty long, compared to other Bluetooth headphones, like the Jabra Revo Wireless, which only have a 12-hour battery life.
The V33X also utilizes AptX for streaming high-quality audio codecs via Bluetooth.

Sound - The V33X headphones have a very V-Shaped sound to my ears. I find that it works best with electronic music, like DnB and dubstep. 

Bass - These have a lot of bass. Both midbass and subbass. Impact is huge. It's extended quite well. Subbass is incredible for EDM. Upper bass doesn't seem to be too emphasised. While the bass itself is relatively controlled, the lack of mids make the bass seem to muddy up the sound a bit in more classic genres like rock and jazz.

Mids - The mids are a huge downfall with these, in my opinion. They are so very much recessed. Much less than the M50, that's for sure. Vocals are far behind in rock. I need to turn up the headphones quite a bit in order for me to get the vocals to a volume that I want them to be, but then the bass and treble are much higher. I'm not sure if this is a good thing for some, that they get a lot of bass and treble while essentially keeping the "music" at a stable level. I don't like it.

Treble - BrightBrightBright. These are easily some of the brightest headphones that I've ever used. Surprisingly, they're not sibilant in the slightest. Treble extension is well done too. Due to the V-shaped nature of the headphones, the detail does show itself easily. 

Soundstage - For closed-back on-ear headphones, the soundstage is astounding. There's a bunch of space in the presentation; especially depth. Of course, while they won't compare to a fully circumaural or open headphone, they don't sound congested whatsoever.

Summary / Overall - The V33X headphones from VOXOA deliver a reliable Bluetooth experience with hard-hitting bass and accentuated highs. While they're not the most versatile in terms of music genres, fans of more modern genres of music should definitely consider these headphones.

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Whoa! I didn't know that there was another review for these!
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