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VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon - Portable iDevices and USB DAC/Amp combo with DSD capable

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VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon

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Pros: Supports iDevices and PC DAC/Amp, DSD capable PC DAC, asynchronous USB mode for PC DAC, DAC/Amp combo or Amp only mode, digital transport from iDevice

Cons: No true line out, headphone output impedance 10Ω might alter FR of your low impedance phone


SounDroid Typhoon can be considered the next version of Go-Dap X. It contains almost the basic functionality found in Go-Dap X and goes beyond what Go-Dap X can offered. It can upscale signal from iDevice up to 192kHz/32bit.




Typhoon has only one DAC circuit instead of two in Go-Dap X. Both digital signals from iDevice and PC USB are processed by Texas Instrument PCM5102A. DSD signal from PC USB will have to pass through SAVIaudio SA9027 32 bits DSP chip before sending to PCM5102A.



Typhoon has an option to upscale the signal from iDevice up to 192k/32bit. You can select from 48/96/192 kHz and 16/24/32 bits freely. PC DAC can take 44.1, 48, 88.2 (DSD), and 96 kHz sampling rate.  



OpAmp of Typhoon can be changed. In X, it’s soldered to the PCB but Typhoon used DIP-8 socket type. Proper knowledge and tools are required for swapping OpAmp. Please proceed at your own risk.



LME49860 is the standard Opamp installed inside the Typhoon. Since one OpAmp is used for both left and right channel, Only dual-channel OpAmp will be compatible. Output impedance for headphone is 10Ω.

The dimension of Typhoon is 67.8 x 139 x 18 mm. and 200 g in weight. It’s very similar to Go-Dap X. It is just a few mm thicker. Weight is about 20 g heavier and probably due to bigger battery.


Other Features


In Typhoon, there is optical/analog input, so you can use it as either DAC/Amp or Amp only. This increase versatility of Typhoon, so any player can also benefit from Typhoon Amp section (If you don’t mind double amping). Headphone terminal also act as variable line out. When setting the volume to the max, it will give you a clean signal with minimum distortion for about 2 Vrms at 47 kΩ.



Typhoon comes with the ability to charge your iDevice. it’s equipped with 3500 mAh battery that have enough juice to fully charge your iphone. You can enjoy your music while it charging your iphone. It can play your music up to 10 hours when used in amp only mode.


Sound Signature

In Go-Dap 4.0, Go-Dap X, Go-Dap DD, and Go-Dap TT, VentureCraft always used AKM AK4353 for their iDevice DAC section. The TI PCM5102A seem to work perfectly in Typhoon. It can give quite a lot of detail and image representation of each instrument nicely.  Typhoon give a decent soundstage with sufficiently width and depth.

LME49860 OpAmp in Typhoon give very smooth sound across frequency range. The bass are tight and sufficiently extended to the low frequency region. The mids have lots of detail and very smooth. The trebles are well extended with a bit of brightness.

With the ability to swapping between different OpAmp, I try my Typhoon with MUSES 01 and MUSES 02. Both OpAmps are considered a flagship model that cost about 50$ a piece. MUSES 01 will give you brighter characteristic. The bass are very tight. The mids and trebles become brighter without any sibilance. With MUSES 02, you get warmer characteristic which definitely suit to my taste.

As I mention in my previous review of Go-Dap TT that 10Ω output impedance will slightly affected your frequency response of your low impedance multi-BA earphone. With my MH335DW which consider very warm and bassy CIEM, I found that 10Ω OI of Typhoon not only tame the bass but also give a little touch to the treble.




With the ability of use with iDevices, some android phones, and PC audio, SounDroid Typhoon is probably one of the most versatile portable DAC/Amp combo out their. It’s also packed with many of options such as charging your iDevices, act as dedicated amp, OpAmp rolling.  It can also natively playback DSD file which very few portable devices are capable of. Even though the sound cannot be matched with the dedicated multi-component stack but, considering its size , functionality, and cost, Typhoon is still a big step up from a people who want to move away from listening straight out of their phone and it come with lots of additional features to play with.


Great Review! Fully agree with you that the Typhoon is a versatile dac/amp.
No true line out is heart breaking to hear for a idevice friendly dac/amp. I wonder how the dac stacks against a desktop dac like the bifrost. Great review might due some harm to my wallet.
Is it really worth £340 though ?
If you compare the price of Typhoon with other DAC/Amp with similar functionality out there, it's pretty much in the same price range. To be able to work properly with iDevices, you need to got MiFi license from Apple and that probably cost a lot. That's why you don't see any DAC/Amp that compatible with iDevices cost less than £250. I think the price of Typhoon is reasonable. It about one fourth of my CIEM price.
Hello , here is DImitri from MA
Anyone attending Canjam meet in Denver on Oct 11-13, pleasestop by at MA booth and audition the Typhoon and other Japanese marvels such as Go DAP TT Tube amp,  Go dap DD socket 1
Also Wagnus by Tone Flake, Mass Kobo amps, Ortofon Mhd-Q7 Amp, and many more.
See you all in Denver.
Dimitri T,
 Great Review!
 Very detail review and agreeable. Got my chance to try it out @ Jaben Singapore
 Does this Amp support ipod touch5?  
Yes. If you look at the last picture, that's my ipod touch 5G.
Yes. If you look at the last picture, that's my ipod touch 5G.
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