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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Easily an EDM king contender with a pleasantly balanced sound.


Pros: Comfortable, non-fatiguing, portable w/mic and controls, very enjoyable sonic presentation (musical, w/adequate detail)

Cons: Slightly recessed lower mids.

These are not flat or analytical sounding cans, but they are a pretty good slice of the sonic cake for portables. I'm crowning these cans as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) king contenders for sure. First off, let me say that I love Head-Fi, and I enjoy reading so many impressions of so many pieces of gear. I've learned so much about portable sound over the years thanks to this place and Head-fi has cost me a lot of money (in a good way) too! Thanks to Head-Fi again, I discovered 2 more treasures to add to my growing collection (V-Moda V80 and M100). I typically read way more than I post, but I felt like giving back a bit and offering my impression of the M100 cans I recently bought. I...
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Negative Reviews


Stylish headphones with subpar sound quality and extremely overpriced.


Pros: Stylish,

Cons: Bass is a bit bloated, Really recessed mids, Lacks detail, No soundstage to speak of, Overpriced

I tried the v-moda m100 a few months ago when I purchased it and deciding between them and the hd 650. In the end I kept the 650, these headphones are without a doubt pretty overpriced for the sound quality.   Pros: The m100 is pretty stylish is it one of the most stylish heaphones out there, build quality seems somewhat solid though I am not a big fan of those metal hinges it just seems a bit delicate for my tastes. These headphones are without a doubt for bass heads they are pretty v-shaped but it also seems like it is lacking or a bit rolled off on the treble. Bass extension is great but just a tad bit farty and uncontrolled (stock pads).   Cons: The m100 is pretty...
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More Reviews

MOX News

V-Moda review


Pros: Crisp and clear highs, punchy bass.

Cons: Hot, low mids, uncomfortable.

After picking up these headphones, I soon returned them. This is why. 1. They get HOT. Due to the memory foam, my ears were sweating under these. 2. They leak more sound out than in. 3. The reduced treble left some parts of songs lacking - cutting out vocals almost entirely at some points. 4. V-Moda's apparent refusal to accept returns of their headphones from sellers aside from themselves - even when they advertise the return policy on the seller's website. (Buy through Amazon instead) 5. DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE, DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL. I stuck paper towels between the pads and the drivers to get some relief from the pain of the metal cage pressing against my ear. I guess that is the...
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V-Moda M-100 Review


Pros: Superb build quality, excellently rendered bass, really fun sonically

Cons: Genre specific

    V-Moda M-100 Unboxing Picture Post   Warning: Picture Heavy   Today I received a production version of the V-Moda M-100. As I was not a part of the pre-release run these aren't the VTF-100s with additional accessories, etc. As such there are no pictures of the additional accessories. This is the retail on-the-shelf stock package.   I also have to thank you very much to the V-Moda team (Val, Gavin, Bill), and to VentureCraft (Hamada-san) for making this happen for me. I feel very privileged to be able to get these in my hands so early post production. I deeply and truly appreciate this gesture by them.   As mentioned in other posts in...
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Wow, what an experience!


Pros: Excellent mobile headphone, really great chest-hitting bass, fairly detailed, non-fatiguing treble, folding mechanism is sturdy, modular design

Cons: Shallow earpads, odd presentation of instruments/soundstage, too much bass, laid-back midrange, laid-back upper-treble, fragile zipper on case

Table of Contents You can CTRL+F or Command+F the following to get to a certain point in my review, or just scroll through and look for the big, bold headings. If you want the gist of my review, sections V and VI are the most important parts.   Preamble (Introduction to the M-100) I. VTF-100 and the Package Contents II. Unboxing the M-100 III. My Initial Impressions of the M-100 Before Burn-In IV. My Impressions of the M-100 After 144+ Hours of Pink Noise Burn-In V. My Final Impressions of the M-100 (Section "V the People") VI. Conclusions and Final Thoughts VII. Customisation and Modularity VIII. Thank You's IX. Future Improvements for V-MODA   Preamble (Introduction to the M-100) The...
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Stylish and detailed with amazing sound.


Pros: Fantastic build, engaging sound, great accessories, super cool carrying case, very responsive to EQ, customizable, portable

Cons: White case is prone to stains, not great worn around the neck, bass is slightly overpowering with some genres, audio cable frays

I was one of the lucky few who received the M-100 back in September as part of a Head-Fi.org promotion, so I've had ample time listening, wandering, traveling, subwaying and airplaning these heaphones. I've also had some time to compare the M-100 to my other pair of V-MODA headphones, the V-80, as well as to other headphones I've managed to play with at various retailers in New York City such as the Apple Store and B&H Photo.   My video review is located at the bottom of this text.   Form and Function: The photos of the M-100, especially the one gracing the front of its box, are misleading. It is indeed as aesthetically pleasing in person as the pictures suggest...
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So nice pair of headphones


Pros: Easy to drive, great sound, immersive feel

Cons: Can't find anything yet... missing the apple 3 button cable if it also counts

M-100 is a very easy to drive headphones.  Before that I am using M-80s on-ear, and really do not belive any headphones can replace it.  As the M-80 can deliver very high quality audio even with bare iPhone 4S with lossless music tracks!  With an headamp the sound is just bigger and better a little bit but it is not 'day and night'difference.   The first hour I tried M-100 I found the bass a bit too much, maybe I have used to M-80 sound.  But after a few tracks I feel that all music becoming more rich and help me to get higher involvement.  And to my surprise that almost every types of music I like including classical music can deliver same nice...
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Bulletproof build quality, superb Bass reproduction and even response, with one or two "sweet spots"..........


Pros: Bass Response, uncolored midrange, extended Highs

Cons: Can become uncomfortable over extended periods, a little "hot" around the ears.

I think they're five stars at the price I paid. I might have to trim a piece of a star at the MSRP. My two references are the Sennheiser 650 and the Ultrasone Pro 900's, but these are preferable for portable applications and have virtues of their own.  They have an "immediacy" that I assign to their efficiency, I am encouraged to listen at lower levels on these 'phones rather than turning them up to try to get them to "enunciate" or bloom.  It's an unexpected virtue.  The Pro 900's hit me more like ear "speakers".  The 650's are where I get the most "reference" bang for my buck.  (I vacillate between it and my 600's, which I've had over a decade.  To not...
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Review: The V-MODA M-100 headphone


Pros: Great pounding bass, excellent depth, good sound stage, great headphone for electronicas or hip hop, forgiving of bad source

Cons: mids can be a tad to laid back for some people, slight bleed into lower mids, not a good choice if you're not a bass head


Excellent Value, Excellent Sound, Excellent Look and Oustanding Customer Service


Pros: Oustanding for mobile use, love the non-tangling cord, full bass (witout overpowering), responds well to EQ and very well built

Cons: Ear pads and get hot, slightly recessed mids

First off, I should clarify that I own a number of V-Moda gear, including IEMs, on-ear, over-ear and cables.  I have found that their customer service is really outstanding and if you buy a number of different headphones, you know how important this is.  I own gear from other manufacturers, including Westone, Audio-Technica, Klipsch, Etamonics and at one point or another, I have had service issues that may require several calls or emails.  Not with V-Moda, they get me from my first contact and everything flows just as smoothly from there.   On to the Crossfades M-100, here are a few thoughts: *     Excellent sound presentation, with bass being a...
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Wow, these cans are simply put amazing


Pros: great audio quality (especially if you're a basshead), compact, passive sound isolation

Cons: uncomfortable with stock pads

So I've been doing some research for the past few months and finally decided that I'd make the jump to truly hi-fi audio with these cans and simply put am amazed. First impressions of these cans with the stock cups weren't all that great, but putting on the XL earcups (I highly reccomend buying the extra large earcups for these if you're buying these) they were comfortable. Now after I dealt with switching the earcups (the right one was stuck, so that was fun getting it out) I plugged it into my phone (HTC M8) and played some FLAC EDM and was blown away with what I heard. Lows were kicking, but without overpowering anything else, mids were present (although a bit repressed), and highs...
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The only headphone you ever need


Pros: Literally everything about it.

Cons: I can't fault anything, sorry.

The M-100s are seriously THE BEST headphone I have ever owned. I can't fault these things in any way at all. They have held up significantly well with a lot of wear and the occasional tug on the cord or drop (owned them for just under a year now). They are essentially a ridiculously good looking tank that sits around your ears. Ok so they have great looks and build quality, that must mean the sound takes a hit and isn't as good. Well...I only left the best to last, the bass is perfect, just prominent enough to give you that oomph without sacrificing the mids or highs. If electronic music would be the majority of music you listen to these cans are for you. And if you don't listen to that...
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