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Not the best choice as an entry to higher end audio

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Ultrasone DJ1 PRO

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Pros: Detachable cables, plastic seems tough, rugged case, GREAT soundstage, sexy

Cons: not the most comfortable cans ever, pads can get hot, was expecting more bass

I bought these as my entry to higher end audio on my birthday. I guess I should have bought the HFI-580 instead because they don't have as much bass I was expecting. (saving up for a PRO900 should fix that) The soundstage on these are great, I thought it was my mum calling me during the demo CD where they had some background speech playing. The cans do not clamp my head hard enough, and the size of my head is considered to be above average. I can feel the headband moving slightly when I'm moving my head. These cans are very sexy although they are pretty big. The cable included is gold plated and very thick, I'm sure I can use the wires to strangle someone if necessary (not that I plan to). I will put up a more detailed review with photos on the weekends Never mind I no longer have the time for that


I 100% agree with your review!!! Everything I want to talk about is in your review so I have nothing more to add..
1. These headphones are quite loose, do not clamp my head hard enough. I found that this is the worst thing about these headphones. Worse bass, sound leakage because of it.. I found this very disappointing because they have a much better sound if the headband is just a little bit tighter.
2. They are quite uncomfortable, make my neck tired very fast, I also sweat a lot from it too, but I don't know if this is because of the weight or the suffocating ear pads/headband pads.
3. The amount of bass is not what I expected from a pair of DJ headphones. My favourite tracks to test bass are Aalto - 5 (Original Mix), Paul Keeley - Disco Belle and some of Andy Moor's works. These headphones cannot reproduce the "electro" feeling of these basslines without EQ.
I disagree a little. The sound is amazing, and the headband is tight enough. I think that I would not want it any tighter.
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