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Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case


Pros: Guitar strings, Heart-wrenching highs, Great Bass extension, Detail

Cons: Comfort, Dependent on ear-canal size, Price if purchased new

Absolute steal at this price.

Should have given a review on these a long time ago but unnecessary because for one simple fact.

You either get a good fit on these and experience pure nirvana or dislike it for any possible conceived ideas.

It's quite inaccurate to listen to people's opinions as well.

Some people clearly state that the IE8 is much better than the Tf-10 but the Se530 is inferior. Others state the Tf-10 is worse than the ck-10s. There are even people that claim the tf-10 lack bass and the highs are sibilant. This all depends on many confounding factors.

But regardless to say, imo, I couldn't be happier with these.


Pros: Awesome finish, Bass isn't bloated, Excellent Treble extension

Cons: Cable is pretty bad, Definitely one of those 'hit -or-miss' iems, Definitely not for people with small ears.

Ok first of all I will be using my Sansa Clip as my source as I feel an iem should always be tested with portable sources. I paid $200AUD for them brand new, which is dirt-cheap by Australian standards. I do not believe in burn in, especially for armature drivers - owning and listening to many iems has shown me burn-in is just a mental phenomenon where the brain adjusts to a new sound signature. I will throw some quick comparisons to other iems I have tried, such as the IE8 and RE0.

Initial Impressions

Being used to the cold and analytical sound of the RE0 and the warm and bassy sound of the IE8 my first impressions were quite negative. The TF10 had a really 'mechanical' sound (very artificial sounding, not very natural) to it with ear-piercing treble. However, after about 30 minutes of use my ears adjusted to the treble and the mechanical sound disappeared. After that these wowed me with their detail, punchy bass and treble extension.


Design to me is quite good. Since the TF10 jut out of the ear there is minimal contact with the inside part of my ear compared to say, the IE8 or SE530 where the body of the earpiece makes more contact with the inside of you ear. The gun-metal blue finish is quite attractive. Build quality is above average which is expected for a iem in this price bracket. Fit for me is excellent, however, I can see how some people complain about not being able to get a good fit. The size of the shells are massive. Personally I have medium sized canals and have always used medium sized tips for iems. If you have small sized canals then I can most likely predict that you will have fit issues.
The cable however is very average - thickness of the wire is about normal for any iem, however the material is rubbery to the touch. The cable terminates in an not very sturdy looking straight jack which I absolutely hate and doesn't look like it could take a beating unlike the IE8 cable. However, TF10 aftermarket cables are in abundance and are not that costly (about $38USD for a good an ES8 cable on Jaben's website.). Furthermore, isolation is not terribly high. It has more isolation than the IE8 but definitely less than what Etymotic and Shure iems can offer. For me it is good for the daily commute and allows me to faintly hear cars in the distance for safety reasons.


Browsing around these forums, quite a few people claim that the bass of the TF10 is muddy and bloated, I couldn't disagree more. To me it sounds very punchy. However, bass quantity is quite high but not massive so to speak and does not have a lot of low end rumble.

TF10 vs IE8
Hmmm...a hard one to call. I cannot say that one is better than the other - just that they are different from each other. TF10 bass is punchy and has a lot of quantity to it. On the other hand the IE8's bass (set to minimum) is more rumbly with a hell of a lot more quantity to it. Neither of these iem's bass sounds bloated. However, from my own preferences it feels that the TF10 has more quality bass while the IE8 has more bass quantity that has a lot more ear shaking rumble.Whether one is better than the other simply comes down to personal preferences. For me the TF10 sounded better in the bass department with Trance music and the IE8 sounded a lot better with Hip-Hop style music.

TF10 vs RE0
After listening to the two TF10 bass sound's very punchy with a high level of quantity. RE0 on the other hand the bass sounds thin and un-energetic compared to the TF10. However, the actual quality of the RE0 bass is still excellent.


Midrange on the TF10 is nothing special. It does not stick out among the bass and treble, however, I wouldn't called it recessed either. Vocals sound a little bit distant. This doesn't bother me at all and I feel is a bit necessary for the TF10 in the way that the Treble and Bass is quantified. To me, having a boosted midrange would make the whole experience overwhelming and fatiguing.

TF10 vs IE8
To me the IE8's midrange is a little recessed. This drove me mad sometimes on a few songs with a lot of vocals as it sounded really...unnatural. Midrange is nothing special on either of these iems, however, the TF10s midrange is not recessed to my ears and hence I believe that TF10 wins out here.

TF10 vs RE0
Surprisingly the midrange of the TF10 and RE0 sound very similar. I could not discern any real difference between the two. Neither are recessed nor boosted in the midrange. However, vocals are a tiny bit less distant on the RE0. Which is better? Not a clue.


The treble on the TF10 is definitely one of the defining aspects of the TF10 sound signature. It extends well and has a lot of quantity to it. Some people may find it to be too much. On occasion I also find the Treble to be very fatiguing, but this is usually only when I am very tired. As I mentioned when I first listened to these I found the treble to be earpiercing, but my ears adjusted to it withing 30 minutes. I feel no sibilance with these.

TF10 vs IE8

Depending on your preferences the Treble on either the TF10 or IE8 will be more suitable for you. As was mentioned the TF10's treble extends very well and definitely comes in large amounts. On the other hand the IE8's treble also extends well (extends better than the SE530 so I am told to believe), but does not have a massive quantity to it like the TF10. Which is better? If you can't stand a lot of treble then the IE8's treble would be better suited to you. However, if you are like me and feel that a lot of treble couldn't hurt then the TF10 may be better.

TF10 vs RE0

Yes, the RE0 does emphasize Treble a lot. However, it is not dished out in the same quantities as the TF10. Both extend very well, pretty much both extend to the same level according to my ears. So basically I see the TF10's treble as a more quantified version of the RE0's treble extension.

General Sound Signature

I guess you could say that the TF10's sound signature is 'v-shaped' - boosted bass, normal levels of midrange, boosted treble. This provides for a unique sound signature I have not experienced in any other iem I have tried. The TF10 has a bit of a cold sound signature, not analytic though. A bit like the RE0's sound signature but with more emotion to it. A hit if you like this sort of sound signature - miss if you like a warmer or analytical sound signature like the IE8 or Etymotic/RE0 respectively.

RE0's sound signature is very cold and analytical. After listening to either the TF10 or IE8, the RE0 sounded extremely thin and lifeless without any emotion. However, after about 30 minutes of listening my ears adjust to the sound and the RE0 becomes a bit more full with a bit more emotion - still cold and analytical by many standards.

IE8's sound signatures is very warm and bassy. After getting used to the TF10 or RE0 the IE8's bass sound's very flabby bloated and with the recessed midrange sticking out like a sore thumb. However, once again, after 30 minutes of listening my ears adjust and the IE8's bass regains its awesome rumble and flabbiness and bloat mainly disappear.

To sum up the TF10 is a very good iem, however it is definitely one of those iems that you would either love or hate based on the sound signature and the sheer amount of treble relative to other iems mentioned here. If you can get your hands on one cheap then I suggest you give it a try - you never know - you might actually like what you hear.


Pros: Sound Quality

Cons: Fit (for some)

I bought these to replace my old friends; the UE Super Fi 5, that broke after 7 yrs due to MY mishandling.  I'll try to keep this short as SO MUCH has been written about these classic earphones!  I'm a longtime audiophile (30+ yrs!).  TT - Linn LP12/Lingo/Ittok IV/Ortofon Blaupunkt, CD - Arcam FMJ CD 23T, Amp - Music Reference RM9 (tube), Preamp - Audio Research LS15 (tube), Phono Preamp - Audio Research PH3 (tube) , Spkrs - Spendor S100, this makes up the bulk of my rig, along with racks, cables, and a few other toys.  I've got an Ol' School headphone rig -  Sennheiser HD600's with a Musical Fidelity tube headphone amp, that I've owned for close to a decade.  While my system isn't the best of the best or the latest and greatest, I'm confident in my ability to determine good sound.  That said, the fact that one can achieve this level of sonic performance with a pair of buds straight out of a stock Ipod (a mid-fi component at it's best) is nothing short of a miracle!  I'll add that flip-flopping (reversing) the earpieces should be considered mandatory!  I never did this with my SF5's as I only learned of this method recently (here!), it's been a revelation in every way, the earpieces along with the all-important 'seal', 'lock' into position and don't budge 'til you decide it's time.  I paid less for the TF10's than I did for the SF5's, an absolute win-win for me!  At the price these bad boy's can be had for now, it's a no-brainer!


Pros: Sound Quality, Great for a Basshead & Treblehead, Great For Price That You Can Get Them For

Cons: Recessed Midrange, **DODGY CABLE**

I traded my beloved IE8s for these just less than a week ago. All of this is tested on my HDP-R10, Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Sansa Clip+. 
Everything said in this review is how I hear and I am in no way affiliated with UE or against them. 

Design and Comfort:
I actually really like how these look. Personally, I think that the "Gunmetal Blue" looks very cool. It comes with detachable and easily replaceable cables, which is good because I have never ever come across a worse cable. It is very still and coming from the nice and soft cable of the Sennheiser IE8, the cable and memory wire was definitely a pain to gt used to, but I have already bought a "Dark Lord" cable from a Head-Fier and I'm waiting for it to get here. I also have to say that I have fairly small ears and after an hour or so of wear, they become pretty uncomfortable, which I think has something to do with how the housing of the IEMs are positioned.  If your budget permits, I would recommend you to look into reshelling them into a custom. It comes with a very nice case which UE claims is crushproof. It certainly feels the part, but I have no intentions of smashing a brick on them to test it out. 

I don't see myself as a basshead and have to really EQ to get the sound that I want on the TF-10s. To me, the bass without any EQ sounds a tiny bit bloated and hits too hard. However, quality of and detail in the bass is very good. I think that some details are hidden by the bass. I love the low bass rumble in many of my songs. Many people will probably ask what the differences between the Sennheiser IE8 and these are. I will do a comparison of the TF-10 to the IE8 in every section. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Bass:
I sort of agree to ProjectDenz on this. The IE8's bass is very hard hitting and is bloated to me. It reverbs a bit more than the TF-10. This can be both a good and bad thing. The TF-10 has better quality bass and slightly less bass overall.

Whether one is better than the other simply comes down to personal preferences. For me the TF10 sounded better in the bass department with Trance music and the IE8 sounded a lot better with Hip-Hop style music." 

This is what ProjectDenz wrote and I agree with it. 

IMO, this is the TF-10's weak point. Some may say that the mids are not recessed. I however, believe that they are. Upon the first listen, I could immediately tell that the midrange was recessed and sounded quite distant. If you have something like a Westone, switching to a TF-10 will take a lot of getting used to. However, EQing fixes this easily and makes it very enjoyable again. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Midrange
Both of those IEMs have a recessed midrange and I would say that without EQ, IE8 wins by a tiny margin, but with EQ, TF-10 can be better

Perhaps the strongest part of these is the treble. It is hard to describe, but at the top end, there is a sparkle to it. It extends very high and there is no sibilance whatsoever. Occasionally, these do cause listening fatigue. Some say that BA IEMs don't burn in, but I could have sworn that the treble because less harsh after I got around 100 hours on them. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Treble:
At times, I found the IE8's treble to be a little veiled and the TF-10's treble to be excessive. However, I feel that there is more detail in the treble of TF-10. The Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 win here.

Soundstage is good, but nothing special and truly cannot compete against the IE8. The IE8 wins by quite a large margin here. However, I think that instrument placement is around the same for those two. Maybe, the TF-10 is a tad bit better. 


There is much more detail in the TF-10 and you can hear things that weren't very clear or in some extreme cases, unnoticeable on the IE8. The TF-10 wins by quite a bit here.


These IEMs are truly impressive an to me, a good upgrade to my IE8s. I would say that if you found them for under $150, grab it immediately. The sound signature is on the warm side and V shaped. I wouldn't recommend these if you love in your face midrange, but otherwise, these are an extremey good pair of IEMs. However, I believe that they have recently been discontinued. Their successor, the UE900 is supposedly better and more neutral. I look forward to trying one of them out. However, the main gripe that I have with them is that they have too much sparkle at times and it easily causes listening fatigue.
I would recommend that you use an amp with them, as without an amp, they hiss quite a bit and can get very annoying. 


Edit: Dropped a star because after listening to them after hearing similarly priced IEM, they really aren't that impressive. 


Pros: Flashy Packaging, Nice 'gun-metal-blue' finish, Unparalleled Sound Quality

Cons: Build Quality, Prone to puncturing


My Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Experience with Pics and Video!

Overall impression:

A+= Packaging
A+ =Look
A+=  Sound

FBuild Quality

Gravely disappointed with the build quality. I already have puncture points on both wires. But SQ was greatPictures and Video after the Jump.

Finally, today was the day that my TF10s came. I was anxious to see if they had arrived yet so I checked Air21's tracking page. Very accurate actually. It tells you where your package is, and how many transfers its gone through.

They came in an Air 21 package

Great Packaging



Candy Case Contents

TF10s out of the box


Sadly, that was the unit I got. Sir Leo called me regarding warranty but said it would still be in the U.S. and would take time. Replacement wires cost 40 dollars. :/. The build quality ruined my day... but overall, the TF10s are great. A partner for my other IEMs. 

and finally,

Video Link of Unboxing and Review by Yours Truly. Please do check it out and comment, sirs! :)


Pros: powerful well articulated bass, crystal clear high, seperation

Cons: SIZE/COMFORT, recessed mids, highs can be a bit too much

...everyone's said all that needs to be said about these iems.


One of the best values around imo...if you can get them in your ears.  Once in, they sound great but do have their downsides.  The high and lows are fantasic, both in quantity and quality.  The mids have good quality, from what I can hear of them...quantity is not there though.


Luckily, I been able to find a reasonable seal with some aftermarket tips...barely.  However, they are uncomfortable after more then a couple hours and when they go in/out. Worth the trouble for the acoustics but disappointing that ue would allow problem that is so easily remedied get in the way of what is otherwise a great product.


Pros: Great highs, soundstage and finesse

Cons: Mids are slightly recessed, unusual fit

The TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones by Ultimate Ears are a highly rated pair of earphones. These high performance headphones gave way to the term “triple-driver earphones” and became popular as they were known to be used by professional musicians and celebrities. With quality headphone reviews from stars such as Pete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy, Grammy award winning artist Seal and Serj Tankian, former singer for System of a Down, Ultimate Ears products such as these TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones are sure to be an ideal selection for a wide variety of needs.

If you’re a music enthusiast looking for an excellent pair of earphones, or a rising star in the world of music, these earphones can give you a feeling of being in a music studio. For the audiophile or hi-fi enthusiast, the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones provide a great listen, while a variety of musicians will find these earphones to be an excellent selection for performances or for backup earphones if customs fail. These earphones provide a professional level of sound you’re sure to love.

Choosing The Best Noise Canceling Earphones

Quality earphones are an investment that should not be taken lightly, unless you have hundreds of dollars to waste on sub-par selections, which is why it is important to consider various aspects of noise isolation earphones before making your selection. With the advancements being made in modern technology, picking something that is up to date and full of the most advanced technological features is vital. Considering aspects such as technological features, user reviews and components is necessary to make an informed decision. Some features to consider include:

* Sound Quality
* Comfort and Design
* Noise Isolation
* Price

You should also be aware of any additional features, such as warranties or guarantees included with the purchase. Considering each of these aspects for the best noise cancelling headphones is important to making the most informed decision for your next pair of noise isolation earphones. Let’s take a look at the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones and see how they rate.


As far as sound quality goes, these earphones are off the charts with their amazing sound! Across the board, users were blown away by the quality of sound coming out of these earphones. These earphones have a unique, triple (hence the name) armature speaker design that splits the sound to reproduce three different frequencies – high, mid and low range. This enables the ultimate listening experience.

The sound quality is also improved with audio filters designed to shape the sound, creating an experience that almost feels like you’re in the recording studio. Additionally, these earphones have an incredibly broad sound range to supply you with a thumping bass, blended mid range, and detailed treble sounds.Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Earphones

Comfort And Design

These earphones have a cord that can be custom shaped to your ear, just like professional monitors. Each earphone set includes several sizes of ear cushions so you can find the fit that’s right for you. Ear cushion options include three different sizes of soft silicone cushions, as well as foam cushions that provide a perfect fit every time.

The Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones also feature a customizable fit. You can wear these earphones in two positions – either down like regular earphones or bent to fit over your ears, just like professional monitors. The cord is also designed to be tangle resistant.

Noise Isolation

These earphones fit comfortably inside your ear to create a secure seal that will block up to 26 dB. The foam cushions, only available with premium models such as the TripleFi 10 option, create the perfect seal to lock all the musical sound inside your ears while keeping outside noises at bay.

Additional Features

This pair of earphones comes with a hard case that’s ready for the pocket so you can safely transport these earphones anywhere. Additionally, the TripleFi 10 noise isolation earphones come with a variety of jacks so you can use a wide assortment of devices.

Pros Of Ultimate Ears Triplefi Noise Isolation Earphones

Incredible sound that will blow you away!
Individualization of three different frequencies
Super broad range
Versatile cord design
Customizable fit
Noise isolation of up to 26 dB
Available at half price
Hard carry case
Jacks included
Cons of Ultimate Ears TripleFi Noise Isolation Earphones

Size of the ear buds
Only available in one color

These earphones are listed at $399.99, but they are available for much less if you search the right places. Amazon has these earphones listed at a significant discount. Used pairs can be picked up for about thirty dollars less than the new price. While this may seem like a steep price for a pair of earphones, it is important to realize that these are highly advanced earphones that use a patented technique to give you the best quality level of sound every time. Musicians are known to use these earphones as backups to their custom fitted earphones, indicating that the TripleFi 10 earphones are an extremely high quality choice.


Pros: Visceral bass response, clear and powerful.

Cons: Mids are kind of weak

I noticed so much praise around here that my expectations were quite high and I gotta say: I was not disappointed at all. There's little new we can say about such a famous/infamous IEM. I bought a pair to reshell them and try customs so I can't comment about build quality. Not really a fan of V-shaped signatures but this one is special, some people can argue about the overwhelming bass hiding mid-details, but again, the TF10 are really wonderful! Highly recommend them!


Pros: Great sound quality and removable cable

Cons: comfort, fit and stock cable quality

It's my first IEM.
For this price it sound great and have removable cable. So you can upgrade cable for better sound quality. rolleyes.gif
but it's not fit and comfort for my ears. frown.gif

Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

If you love music and want to hear every nuance and musical layer like a professional sound engineer, then you need the triple.fi 10 Pro earphones from Ultimate Ears. The triple.fi 10 Pro earphones offer the most detailed and sonically rich experience when listening to any style of music. The triple.fi 10 Pro is Ultimate Ears latest technological breakthrough making this our only 3 individual speaker professional earphone product. These earphones also incorporate all the best features that Ultimate Ears universal products have to offer including pro-style ear loops that secure your earphones in place and a universal fit kit with six single flange silicone (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large), 2 dual flange silicone and 2 standard foam ear tips that maximize your comfort and increase noise isolation from the sounds around you. The triple.fi 10 Pro's come with a 46" cable, cable adjustor, gold plated 1/8" input plug, metallic travel case, 1/4" adaptor jack, sound level attenuator, cleaning tool, user guide, and 2 year warranty. For a limited time only you can get the 10 Pro's in a limited edition metal roadie case. Now your head is a world class recording studio. But don't take our word for it -- hear the difference!

FeatureIncludes Universal Fit kit and a protective metallic travel case to store earphones
LabelUltimate Ears
List Price$399.99
ManufacturerUltimate Ears
Material TypePlastic
Material Type Set ElementPlastic
ModelTriple.fi 10 Pro Roadie
MPNTriple.fi 10 Pro Roadie
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
PublisherUltimate Ears
StudioUltimate Ears
TitleUltimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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