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Ultimate Ears 5 EB Earphones (White)

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Pros: tons of bass

Cons: Too much bass? Unsatisfying highs.

Quite nice if you like/need bass. Lots of it.


This phone is a weird construction that falls somewhat short of what it could be. If only UE had refined the bass performance, done something about the highs and added some midrange.

At any rate, theres bass aplenty if that is what you are looking for. Bass extends deep and punches hard. I often find myself EQing the bass down and still i find it somewhat too much.

It has highs, but it often gets drowned out by the amount of bass in this phone. Same goes for midrange.

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IMO I actually enjoyed the bass. Could be that it tightens after seriously many, many hours of burn in. Less boomy for sure. What i find lacking is the midrange. Vocals do not sound warm, for a earphone with midrange driven by dynamic drivers. Isolation wise is not as good as shure's scl or se series due to port for dynamic driver. I do feel dynamic general does not give as much details as BA, hence the details in midrange is missing as well. One flaw about the design is that you can never sleep on your side with them in your ears.