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Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones Reviews


Excellent sound quality, but not very durable


Pros: Sound is very clear, good support off all three ranges, memory foam does a good isolation job

Cons: L jack, fit is a bit loose, cable got worn off on it's entry to the jack so I had to return them

I bought the earphones about 8 months ago and used them maybe twice or thrice a week. While I cannot complain about the sound quality, everything else is a bit off. My cable got damaged on it's entry to the jack (I'm using the earphones with my smartphone, which sits in my jeans pocket) so I had to return in to Logitech (on the bright side, Logitech agreed to replace it no questions asked). Cable seems a bit heavy as I need to pull half of it out of my shirt so that the earplugs would have a stable fit - otherwise they keep getting pulled downside somehow. I used to own a $40 Razer headset which beat Logitech in every aspect except sound quality.

Small but good


Pros: Relatively flat

Cons: lacking greatest extension

I've posted a video review on the UE700.  I will write more here soon as well:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvo-BurV0AM

best buy IEM with fantastic sound


Pros: ultra light housing, extended trebles, decent bass with complys. warm and clear mids

Cons: brittle wires, housing seems fragile, amp + comply olive tips needed to bring out bass and tame high end sparkle

I got a great deal on these iem's, which MSRP is $150.00-170.00, for $70.00 on ebay. I own the UE 500's, the TF 10's and until recently the Sennheiser IE 80. After purchasing the HiFiMan RE-ZERO and test driving the 700's, I decided to sell my IE 80's and my RE-ZEROS. The solid professional sound and true comfort I get from the dual BA 700's, I felt there was no need for either dynamic driver IEM, as the ONLY thing the IE 80's have on the 700's is the expansive sound stage and deeper bass. In regards to the beautiful and extended highs, the 700's hung right there with the 80's and kicked the RE-ZEROS around. Warm and clear detailed mids? check. substantial bass for a BA driver?...
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How under-rated can the UE700 get?


Pros: dual-driver for a low low price, clear highs and punchy bass, diminutive size

Cons: Thin cable doesn't inspire confidence, L-shaped jack is shaped rather weirdly

Frankly speaking, I totally forgot about the UE700s till I saw an IT shop in Singapore having a slight discount for it. And another piece of truth, I didn't even know it's a dual-driver balanced armature design till I read the text on the box. That is how UNDERRATED the UE700 is. I decided to grab it since it's just S$159 (equivalent of USD128) and it even comes with a free iPhone external battery pack. I shall cut it short, I am blown away with the sound quality it offers at this price. I have a pair of TF10 that I really love and I wonder how close can the UE700 push the TF10's sound quality with one less driver. What's obvious is the TF10 offers better clarity (exceptional clarity in...
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Style and Substance


Pros: SQ, Fit, Comfy, handy, BRILLIANT!

Cons: cable stiffens after a while, cable not replaceable, straight connector, RRP exaggerated

How I wish they had replaceable cables....

the musical pill ue700


Pros: everything

Cons: none

This is the final review and update of the ULTIMATE EARS 700as of 2010 of OCTOBER. UE's latest addition after the famous universal in ear, Triple fi 10. i bought them in POWERMAC store in SM north for P14k in JUNE now they are priced $149 in UE store, around 8K in philippine peso. here is the link: http://ultimateears.com/en-us/products/700 product description and details: Quote With pro quality hidden inside. Pro quality goes undercover with the Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones. They deliver pro-quality sound in a sleek, micro design. Fitting flush to your ear, you barely know you're wearing them?until you hear the detailed, immersive 3D...
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Great sound, great comfort, but...the build?


Pros: Size (easy seal + comfort), detailed highs, isolation

Cons: Non-detachable cable

First off, these are ridiculously small for having dual armatures. UE's bundled silicone (gel-like?) tips are a very good match with these earphones - they have thicker than average flanges but are very flexible.   What the tips and size add up to is an instant seal consisting of popping them in your ears, pushing them in once, and looping the cable over your ear in all of 5 seconds. Their isolation is quite good, about on par with Shure's lineup.   The first thing to be noticed about their sound is their highs - quite transparent and very detailed. Mids are quite smooth but nothing too special. What surprised me was their bass response, which has a pronounced impact...
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Ue700 wonderfully small with a large sound.


Pros: Details, separation, small size comfortable

Cons: Questionable cable integrity which is not removable

These are actually some of the most under appreciated IEMs on head-fi, and I don't exactly understand why. You'd be hard pressed to find a deal like the one I got on these. The details and instrument separation are nice. The soundstage is also rather impressive for an IEM. They handle a variety of music genres with ease. The low end is noted to present fully with good punch, but I wouldn't necessarily consider it a basshead IEM. I whole heartedly recommend these to anyone.
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